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Woman with Fake Boobs Larger than Watermelons – Seriously, she’s a Z-cup

What is a Z-cup? A Z-cup is the German XXX Beshine who currently holds the title of “Biggest Breasts in Europe” and though she started her boob odyssey as a humble B cup, she’s now a mind boggling Z-cup, thanks to expander implants which she refills as regularly as she can.

Beshine says that she doesn’t suffer from backache due to a strict program of back strengthening but does struggle to find clothes that fit and, not surprisingly, can no longer sleep on her stomach, though apparently lying on her back or side is still possible.

My only question is, “Why????” I am a very proud member of the “Itty-bitty-titty-committee” and wouldn’t want it any other way. Just looking at her makes my back ache – and I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that she doesn’t have any back problems. C’est impossible with that weight. Anyway, meet Beshine….











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Oddee: 8 Most Disturbing Body Parts after Plastic Surgery


  1. “Why????” Is exactly what I was thinking, the very instant I saw the first picture of her. The rest of the photos were hard for me to look at, so I glanced at each for a fraction of a second. She looks grotesque, and like she belongs in a carnival side show, where they show off the freaks. I just can’t help but think that she has some form of mental-emotional illness, because I can’t think of any other reason WHY she would want to look that way.

    And one more thing:

    Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Pffeifer, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, and also her mom, Goldie Hawn. There’s also Danica Patrick, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jodi Foster, among many others.

    What do all these women have in common, besides being beautiful, sexy and famous? They are all small breasted.

    • I have never had a problem with being small breasted. When I was around 14 or 15, I was in gymnastics in high school. I remember another classmate was well-endowed, especially for our age. And watching her running across the mat to do back handsprings and stuff, they bounced hard. I remember her having to wear two sports bras. That was when I decided I was very glad to be petite.

      As far as this chick, she’s an XXX star – I’m sure she’ll always be wanted for films and probably pays very well.

      • I’m very glad that you don’t have that problem, because you shouldn’t, and there is no reason that you should. But a lot of other women aren’t so lucky with their own self perception, and I am saddened by it.

        She’s a XXX star? Was that info in your post? I really did zip right through it ultra fast because of how hard it was for me to look at her.

        If she’s a XXX star, well I never want to meet any of the guys who are her biggest fans. What a world…

    • You couldn’t have said it better than I could except that the word I’m thinking of is DEFORMED and way off balance. She must have a compulsion of sorts and or lack of sound reasoning. To have to carry around all that weight would be a horrible fate for me. Wouldn’t want that for anything.
      I don’t want to be mean but you have to have some serious mental issues to think doing that to yourself is ok.

    • You couldn’t have said it better than I could except that the word I’m thinking of is DEFORMED and way off balance. She must have a compulsion of sorts and or lack of sound reasoning. To have to carry around all that weight would be a horrible fate for me. Wouldn’t want that for anything.
      I don’t want to be mean but you have to have some serious mental issues to think doing that to yourself is ok.

    • Well… As long as she’s happy?

      I mean I’m not gonna judge her because that would be hypocritical of me to judge a person for doing what they want to be happy, but I have to agree with the WHY?

      WHY would you want the back and shoulder and neck pain? I mean I’m a DD and I know that a bra can only relieve so much of the weight, but I mean, why put yourself through that?

      I hope she doesn’t regret it, I mean it’s her life and like I said, as long as she’s happy then I’m not going to judge, but she has all my sympathies when her neck starts to go.

  2. That is insane. Does she always have to use her hands to hold them up? Pictures like that make me glad to have small boobs

  3. That is just stupid dumb, especially if she only does it for the money as a XXX star. I would laugh at her if I saw her in person. I would not be able to stop my reaction. Ridiculous. She needs help.

  4. I know there’s a lot of hate for Beshine. She want’s the world’s biggest breasts (She’s actually got them already) and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If it makes her happy, great! Personally I’m a huge fan and I can tell you all that although she’s got the biggest breasts in the world she isn’t going to stop “expanding” them to greater proportions. One thing I like about her boobs compared to others of similar sizes is that the jiggle and move! All the other “models” tits are like rock solid…

    I will admit the sheer size freaks me out a bit but that’s all part of the fun! Can’t wait for her to get bigger! 😛

  5. I think you have all missed the point…
    1. she is not a XXX star… she doesn’t not even break the level of German public dress laws (where showing breasts is not considered nudity), and you will never see her in the nude, or in any sexual interplay… it’s strickly “pin-up”… but with that, gimmic is: breasts are the US male and female fetish item of choice – this is well documented, and around the world it seems also… everyone like breasts.

    2. Now here is a woman that says, I can make my own website (she owns and operates it), so she is obviously an independent woman, and a enterprising business woman… since she can sit around on a cam and chat (and nothing that one again wouldn’t see on a european beach), and collect paypal subscriptions, and other gifts all day and night… I would say she is doing very well just that – no need to work for someone else, risk STDs, and the like, not to mention the hit on one’s reputation… so this is pure “cheese-Cake”… I don’t find that at all a problem.

    3. Size is a US thing… SUVs, Houses, Bank Accounts, etc… I would say she knows here audience… people here only believe one thing… being first, best, biggest, tallest, fattest, smallest… some extreme is WIN!… anything else is “loser” with a capital “L”… as we like to point out… isn’t any prize for second-best…

    So that in mind, if your a pretty young woman, with limited means but unlimited cleavage… the world is your oyster… the only down-side I suppose is people who don’t understand that, or simply don’t get it that it is a business, and income, and well most people have a fetish of one sort or another… this one seems rather harmless, and low on the list of them… more power to her if she is happy.

    I would have thought the grown-up people here would have figured this out right off, but I guess it takes a bit of explaining now days, since everyone likes to pretend they aren’t all chasing the buck… some like to pretend the are above it all, but when they seem someone who simply commits totally to a means to be extreme and also profit there by… they always ask “Why”? – because it pays the bills nicely… go figure… as Murphy Brown once said to Frank… *who commented about Victoria Secret models always look so happy in the pictures*… Geez, Frank, these women get paid to sit around in their PJs all day long, If I had that job, you couldn’t blow-torch the smile off my face” – at least Candice Bergen gets it.

    • Big breasts are actually not the number one thing with American men though it is near the top. In America it’s actually sicker than that. The number one thing is extreme youth. Women are so obsessed with being youthful and men are so obsessed with youthful women that virtually all women shave off all their body hair to emulate preteen girls. The number two thing is lesbians. American men are obsessed with lesbians. That of course makes no sense at all since lesbians don’t like men but there it is. The number three thing is incest. I’m not even going to go any further with that topic and then there are big breasts. After big breasts is bondage and S&M.

    breathe while looking at those ….OMG !!!!!!!!!

  7. I realize that be shine is beyond belief but do you know there is a 6’2′ teenager out there whose life and situation has largely been kept a secret out of respect for her wishes. Some in japan claim her to measure 81-22-40 and from little I have been able to see of her this incredibly beautiful and developed teen seems bigger than that? When busty american women take one look at her and either they get so sexually exited they simply jerk off to orgasm, fully clothed, or just faint first, that tells of her astounding sexual impact. Word has it that Patricia Wheaton who this girl tia has a serious crush on had just such a private meeting with her, without Patricia’s prior knowledge who she was about to meet, and suffered just such a fate as first grinding in her tight skirt to orgasm and then fainting at the feet of the incredible teen. It is known that tia was born with a massive clit that now measures 7″ when fully erect and that probably is the prime reason for guarding her privacy but by vaginal discharges latter seen on heatons navy blue skirt raised along with a sexy white silk slip to the top of her thighs and heavy vaginal discharge on heaton’s slip, top of her pantyhose, inside of the skirt and on her face and in her hair, it certainly seems like it ended in a powerful climax that patty will long remember.

  8. It must be sad to have such low self-esteem, to go through such lengths, to get attention, any at all.

    • I don’t think it is a self esteem issue. She’s done this to make money. Most women who have done this either for porn, as a stripper or pin up modeling end up having them removed/reduced upon retirement. If this was a self esteem issue I don’t think that would be the case.

  9. I’m actually kinda sad to see people condemning her. It feels a bit hypocritical to me. She’s happy right? It’s her life right?

    I mean sure this isn’t really my taste, or your taste, or the taste of many others, but it’s a bit judgmental to look at her and call her grotesques and untasteful. That is still another human being there folks. I’m glad she’s got the balls to live her life the way she wants it and not up to the standards people seem to be displaying here.

    And no I’m not excusing this for people who want to do that, I’m simply stating, maybe people in glass houses shouldn’t be the ones throwing bricks. She has a wonderful self-esteem from what her blog says.

    I see this a lot on people who do things that are “Strange.” They get name called, or insulted, or shunned, but you know what, that’s a bit… hypocritical.

    I bet for every negative comment on here, if someone else called you guys out on your lifestyles, you’d be pissed off. You’d probably rage that people don’t like the way you live and you’d be all pissy because people called you a bad name, and you’d get all up in an tissy fit because “it’s your life and you’ll live it the way you want…”

    But why can’t she?

    That aside, the only thing I will say, is why does she want to put up with that much pain? I bet they’re really heavy. That’s gotta suck. I mean I get that she’s happy with them now, but damn, I feel the neck pains already and I’m only a DD. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have Z cups.

    I hope she doesn’t regret it, and if she does I hope she learned her lesson that sometimes bigger isn’t better, but for now as long as she’s happy then I’m not gonna complain. I personally wouldn’t do that to my boobs, but hey, her body, her rules.

  10. Beshine is, most assuredly, a gorgeous example of what a woman can be. She gorgeous, sexy, and has a stunning rack. Her ass is gorgeous also in case you hadn’t noticed. I would be so proud to be with the lovely lady. Gawd, her tits are so beautiful!

    I’m so sick of people using the worn out line about her self esteem. That’s such bullshit. She loves tits like so many of us and she’s willing to get ’em. God bless this angel.

  11. All the comments about back pain, neck strain and skeletal stress are invalid, those chest zeppelins are full of helium and weigh less than nothing. She needs to wear diver’s boots when out in anything stronger than a light breeze to avoid becoming airborne.

  12. unreal – and unattractive. what must it say about us to drive a woman to disfigure herself in such a grotesque manner? i can not “like” this M…but i “like” the intent of the post. continue…

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