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Motley News Passes 2 Million Hits!

Actually, the site passed 2 mil on Sunday night, but haven’t had time to post anything until now. So…. Thank you, everyone, for helping Motley News and Photos pass the 2-million hits/views mark.

current hits

Here are a few interesting tidbits of Motley News traffic.

Beshine largest breasts 00One of my more popular postings, which is usually in the top 5 posts every day, is the Woman with Fake Boobs Larger than Watermelons – Seriously, she’s a Z-cup. Go figure….

Two other enjoyable posts which are also in the top 5 daily now are Can you Solve this Problem? and Popular Toys and Games from the 1970s and 1980s.

Can you Solve this Problem? currently has 75,108 views, and it also includes the three images with the most views: answer.jpg 32,585; clue-number-two.jpg 26,951; and clue-number-one.jpg 26,763.

OMG-A-Rick-Santorum-Portrait-Made-Entirely-of-Gay-Porn-NSFW-ishAlthough this image is ranked #17 in the all-time most viewed images, it deserves an honorable mention: omg-a-rick-santorum-portrait-made-entirely-of-gay-porn-nsfw-ish.jpeg.

If interested, you may click here to view a pdf copy of the all time stats for posts since the birth of Motley News.

Another Honorable Mention is that every Wednesday, my Hump Day postings, Happy Hump Day Funnies and Even More Hump Day Funnies, usually climb up to the Top 5. A little off the topic here, but in speaking of Hump Day, the GEICO commercial with the camel annoying his co-workers because it’s Hump Day is one of my favorite all-time commercials. We’ve all had someone like that in either our office or classroom. LOVE IT! Haven’t seen it? Want to watch it again? Here ya’ go.



    • lol… Just had some wild luck with an Occupy picture being posted on Reddit. Had nearly 6,000 hits in a day. Then the google search engines started to find me more often. It’s the images that really help a LOT. I just title them exactly what they are.

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