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Lest We Forget, the States that are Going Backwards with Women’s Rights

It is time for a reminder on which states and what they’re doing against women and their reproductive rights. The War Against Women erupted practically overnight earlier this year and millions of people, both women and men, stood their ground against the far right wing’s bills and laws which heavily undermine a woman’s right to making her own decisions about her reproduction and abortion. The War has quieted as far as the front-running news, but it most certainly has not been forgotten by women all over the country. So, with this year’s presidential election only three months away, it is time to remind everyone what is going on with the War Against Women and the war’s relationship to Romney.

First of all, Mitt Romney is committed to overturning Roe v. Wade, and has said he would “get rid of ” Planned Parenthood. He has been endorsed by candidates and lawmakers across the country who are equally committed to moving backwards. Take a look at the map below to see how they’ve attacked women’s rights. The states going backwards are itemized below the map with a brief summation.

Alabama: Twelve members of Romney’s Alabama team voted to restrict the time period in which a woman can seek an abortion.

Arizona: Thirteen Romney endorsers in Arizona voted to allow employers to exclude contraceptives from insurance coverage

Florida: Romney endorser Governor Rick Scott vetoed $1.5 million during Sexual Assault Awareness Month that would have supported 30 rape crisis centers.

Governor Scott also signed a bill requiring a woman considering an abortion in the first trimester to first obtain an ultrasound and be shown an image of the ultrasound, unless she signs a form opting out.

Georgia: Romney endorser Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill into law restricting the time period in which a woman can seek an abortion.

Twelve Romney endorsers in Georgia’s legislature voted for a bill to restrict the time period in which a woman can seek an abortion.

Four Georgia Romney endorsers voted to ban abortion coverage from the state employee health care plan.

Indiana: Romney endorser Governor Mitch Daniels signed a bill effectively defunding Planned Parenthood of Indiana, cutting off funding for cancer screenings and other preventive services.

Iowa: Two Romney endorsers from Iowa sponsored a “Personhood” bill that could have outlawed all abortions and even some common forms of birth control.

Michigan: 15 Romney endorsers voted in Michigan’s legislature to require clinics to question women considering abortions about how they came to their decision.

A Romney endorser sponsored a bill to restrict the time period in which a woman can seek an abortion, without any exceptions for her health.

Mississippi: Romney endorser Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill that could close the only women’s health clinic in Mississippi that provides abortions.

Governor Bryant also endorsed a “Personhood” measure that could have outlawed all abortions and even some common forms of birth control. Before Mississippians voted down the amendment, he claimed that if the bill failed, “Satan wins.”

New Hampshire: Romney endorser Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill that could close the only women’s health clinic in Mississippi that provides abortions.

Governor Bryant also endorsed a “Personhood” measure that could have outlawed all abortions and even some common forms of birth control. Before Mississippians voted down the amendment, he claimed that if the bill failed, “Satan wins.”

Ohio: Seven Romney endorsers in Ohio’s legislature co-sponsored a bill to ban abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can occur as early as six to seven weeks into a pregnancy.

Romney endorser Governor John Kasich signed a bill to ban some abortions after 20 weeks, with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Pennsylvania: Governor Tom Corbett suggested women just “close their eyes” during medically unnecessary ultrasounds.

Rick Santorum has called contraceptives “harmful to women.”

Virginia: Romney endorser Governor Bob McDonnell supported a bill requiring a medically unnecessary ultrasound procedure before an abortion.

Nine members of Romney’s Virginia steering committee voted for the bill requiring a medically unnecessary ultrasound before an abortion.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker repealed a law that helps women get equal pay. Mitt Romney called him a “hero.”

Additionally, below is a comparison of what President Obama HAS done for women and their reproductive rights versus what Romney would do. Now, granted, what Romney would do is speculative, but this list is based upon statements which Gov. Romney has previously made before before and during this Presidential run.

Women AND men… it is time to stand up for women and their reproductive rights. You do not have to agree or support abortion, but abortion should be a decision made by the pregnant mother and when possible the father and any other family members who care. This is NOT a decision which should be made by men in politics – especially because they will never have to face something like this. Many of these laws are done by certain individuals purely for spite and as a function of control over women.

Stand up against them and VOTE come November! You know, you do not HAVE to vote for Obama if you are not a fan of his. Vote for Gary Johnson or any of the other independents on the ballot. But do NOT vote for a man who has no problem taking away women’s rights.

“Important” – Ad about Romney and Planned Parenthood


Barack Obama’s website: Rolling back Women’s Rights


  1. Well Michelle: I did say that I would keep it short and “”straight up”.

    Romney is a religious nut in a Utopian cult that is not even two hundred years old. Read up on it. I dare you to become informed! Blood atonement, mass murder, polygamy, child marriage, pedophilia, incest and on and on and on. All in less than two hundred years of egregious and self indulgent behavior. Is this still happening? I have no firsthand knowledge; do you? There is certainly adequate documentation to prove the foregoing in the past and recent past.

    I really feel that if Romney is elected to the highest office in the land that He may well be our last president.

    Sincerely, Phillip

    PS Just to make it clear; I speak only for myself.

    • I used to guide back country backpack trips in southern Utah for the Sierra Club years ago. During my travels there, I read up quite a bit about the Mormon history – primarily because some of the trips I would go on would have some Mormon history tied to it. Old cowboy camps; old cabins; the cowboy “petroglyphs” (they’d carve into the rock just like the ancient Anasazi did – the the Anasazi was usually about 20 feet up higher and through the erosion of the centuries, the ground was much lower when the cowboys came through). Plus there were some interesting stories, such as “Hole in the Rock”×4-trail/. A rather amazing expedition. Then there is GB Hobbs that has a plaque erected at the end of one of the side canyons (Silver Creek Canyon). He was caught in a snow storm and thought he was going to die so he carved his name in the wall. Well, he lived and the Mormon’s ended up erecting a plaque in his honor (which I never understood since he lived). Plus a ton of other historical moments.

      However, what was not disclosed was the “dark side” of Mormons. And during those eras, I’m quite confident that polygamy was will practiced as well as many other controversial things as you have mentioned here.

      Oh… I didn’t ask you to keep it short! You may write a novel, I don’t care. I just have a problem with words and complex sentences… they appear as riddles to me and I just don’t understand a lot.

      Now, what do you think would happen if Romney were president in order to make him the last president?

      • Bulloney..Michelle..your writing and comprhension is first rate…But here is where Father George Carlin is right on again..These anti abortion nutbags dont give a crap about a fetus once its out of the womb..One more thing..when one of these southern evangelicals finds out his 16 yr old is prgnant with a less than white baby…gues what..they high tail it to a “Blue” state for ..Ahem..the procedure..Sorry Im ranting.

  2. Dear Michelle,

    Some reasons Romney might turn out to be the ‘last president’ if he were to be elected to the presidency. Many possible reasons come to mind though not as quick and clear as I would like. I just woke up and am feeling “not so hot”. Perhaps it is just decades of dashed hope. I feel that the people of this country only really have enough hope to play this delusion of freedom out one more time. Especially those who comprise the legions of the poor.

    Mr. Romney is really not attuned to the populace off the nation OR the world. The incident with the dog is a splendid example of how out of touch with the “sanctity” of life he really is.Those who believe that humans are the acme of God’s creation don’t care about “dogs”. I know from his past and present actions that he gives not a ‘whit’ about you or I or anyone else with the possible exception of his close genetic family. I feel the man is an empty husk and is not a guy who has the ability to really share of himself. He appears to be one of the most selfish and self-centered creatures on the face of the planet. PLUS he is a liar. By definition one can’t trust a liar and liars are, as a rule, thieves as well. There may be exceptions, but I don’t know any. I’ll bet that you don’t know of any exceptions to the liar/thief rule either.

    This all sets the stage for the kind of dismissive behavior that says ‘I am right so get over it’. Don’t forget that I am the important ONE around here and you are just the low achieving, Godless dross on the land. ‘Expendable is what you are’.

    He is one volatile person and ‘He has his finger on the button and God on his side’. Up to this point, we Americans have been living on luck when it comes to Atomic War.

    Lets not forget that big money belongs to the elite and there can’t be a free and fair nation when so much of the assets are owned by only a handful of the most powerful in the society. ‘The few very rich; the legion of poor; the Death of Democracy’. This is the start of what? The start of the END?

    If there is no Democracy, there will not have any need of a President. If that president is Romney we won’t want another president.

    Sincerely, Phillip

    PS Once again I wish to state that my opinions are my own and are not meant to represent the private opinions of any of the contributors to this blog. Neither do I represent the owner of this blog in any way.

    • I think Romney has done quite a bit of unrepairable damage to himself and his campaign this year, and I do not see him being able to recover fully from it. I’m feeling more confident about Obama winning. What frightens me is 2016… It is typical for this country to flip-flop back to the GOP after two terms of Dem’s. I’m sure Romney will run again in 2016 – although there may be better choices next time around, too, so Romney may not make it as the GOP candidate. Anyway, what scares me is that I have a suspicion that the GOP does NOT want Romney to win this year. They want Obama to win so they can further lock up Congress and do as much damage as they can to our country and Obama. Therefore when 2016 rolls around, they can blame Obama and the Democratic Party on our troubled woes. And the sheeple of the GOP will listen and believe. They are now! Hell, it is very obvious that the GOP refuses to work together with the Dem Party and we are martyrs because of it. There is one huge jobs package on Boehner’s desk – a very good one about rebuilding our bridges, roads, highways, etc. Work that needs to be done because we’re deteriorating. This job plan can bring in millions of jobs – and Boehner won’t do a damn thing about it.

      • Not only that…Bill Clinton..”MADE” Rush Limbaugh and Fox news.. If the right had a Bible thumping congress and a right wing nut job (Ann Coulter for prez) they would have nothing…How would they blame the wrecked economy then?

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