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John Boehner Turned Dictator; Ron Paul Fans PISSED OFF!

At Tuesday’s Republican National Convention, the Republican Party once again played foul against their own party members and it nearly turned into a fight. The disruption was over the rules process that dictates how delegates are apportioned in each state. Ron Paul may not have done very well in the primaries at the ballot boxes, but his supporters have been working diligently behind the scenes to gather delegates. This apparently pissed of Boehner and he, along with the other dictators, immediately rewrote the rules right in front of everyone’s eyes. Now, when there is a statewide popular vote (primaries), if the result is not winner-take-all, each candidate must get delegates in proportion to their percentage of the popular vote. Therefore with Paul not winning with any popular votes, he is unable to seat his delegates.

In order to make this change, John Boeher (R-OH) called for a voice vote – yeas versus nays with the loudest one to be declared the winner. Although they are very close, the nays were just a bit louder, especially when they first started “naying.” However, Boehner already had predetermined what the outcome would be, therefore he immediately declared that the “yeas” have it. Not even a blink of an eye to consider how close they were. That is a true dictator. When it is that close, there should have been a re-vote at least. Check it out for yourself… what do you think?

Dirty Tricks, Boehner And RNC Rule Editions « Republican CONvention 2012


At this point, the Ron Paul followers decide they’ve had enough discrimination and start a disruption on the floor which nearly turns into a brawl. The booing was so loud that many speakers had to stop.

Between Paul’s delegates being disqualified, and the party changing the rules so that Paul’s delegates from Maine would not be seated, Ron Paul basically was screwed… hard. Very hard. What is sad is that Paul would not have made it as the Republican Party nomination anyway. But at least Romney would have achieved the nomination via a true Democratic vote.

When you add in the disqualified seventeen delegates of Ron Paul’s from Massachusetts – yes, the state of former Governor Romney went Ron Paul – it becomes quite apparent that Boehner, as well as several other Oligarchs, simply did not want any competition to Romney. It has been predetermined that Mitt Romney was going to win that party no matter what.

The New 2012 Republican Party has emerged and reared it’s ugly head. Gone are the days of a democracy, and enter the Oligarchs and dictators – who obviously have some major plans for Romney, and I seriously doubt that they’ll be legal. The thought of what this new RNP will do frightens me because they will do whatever it takes, no holds barred.

And people really want to vote for this party? I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, but I would much rather have him run as the GOP Candidate.

Needless to say, Paul was screwed by his own party.

Ron Paul Delegates Fail


Ron Paul Delegates Vow Floor Fight at RNC


Ron Paul Delegates Cause Mayhem At Republican Convention

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  1. The GOP has proven itself on more than one occasion to be undemocratic and so why should they stop here? They have elected other presidents this way and it worked before. The Ron Paul novelty has out lived its usefulness to them and it should be interesting to see if his son has anything to say tonight since he’s scheduled to speak. I can barely watch any of this so-called convention since it is so full of self-deceived people.

    • Oh, I cannot watch it. No way. I turned it on last night, watched no more than 20 seconds of Santorum, and I couldn’t get the TV turned off fast enough. I just wait for the news to come out on the internet.

      Oh, the junior Paul stated his support for Romney. But Ron Paul refuses to do so. Good for him! Standing up for what he believes and feels is right.

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