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Lyin’ Paul Ryan Takes the Lead as “Liar of the Year”

On Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention (RNC), it was time for Vice-President hopeful Paul Ryan (R-WI) to speak – and speak he most certainly did. Several reporters have confirmed that Ryan told more lies in one speech than they’ve ever heard before from anyone else.

In fact, a FOX News reporter wrote an EXCELLENT article, “Paul Ryan’s speech in 3 words,” about the fibs, and provided the true facts. You could have knocked me over with a feather…. Isn’t FOX News all about lying? Regardless, Sally Kohn did not think so. Kohn stated that Ryan’s speech could be described in three words: Dazzling, Deceiving, and Distracting.

Dazzling. Ryan is dazzling as he provides personality that Romney doesn’t seem to have. Boy, isn’t THAT the truth. A cardboard box has more personality than ol’ Mittens does.

Deceiving. Naturally, many people will take Ryan’s work as the gospel – and that’s what he is hoping. But it appears to have backfired for him as several of the media posted articles Thursday, the day after the speech, all declaring Ryn’s lies then providing the true facts.

Kohn did make a very good point, however, and that is the Romney-Ryan team IS creating more jobs simply due to when they speak. She wrote:

“The good news is that the Romney-Ryan campaign has likely created dozens of new jobs among the legions of additional fact checkers that media outlets are rushing to hire to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from Ryan’s mouth. Said fact checkers have already condemned certain arguments that Ryan still irresponsibly repeated.”

Does Ryan believe that no one is going to check out the facts of his fibs? Is Ryan so conceited that he believes that everyone will take his word as gold? Well, “Lyin’ Ryan,” you have proven that your word is about as far from gold as one can get. Hmmmm… so what would that be? What do you think? Chemistry isn’t my strong point – but something icky. Rust? Lyin’ Ryan’s word is as good as rust? Meh…. it’ll work for now.

Distracting. The last thing the Sally Kohn pointed out, and this is just as important as disclosing the lies, is that Ryan simply neglected (forgot? yeah, right) to talk about many of the plans he has in store if he were to take office. Such as turning Social Security over the Wall Street…. Oh, come on, Lyin’ Ryan… what happened the last time Wall Street was in charge of something major? Oh, the mortgage industry collapse and people are upside down, under water, and every which way but equity-way with their homes.

Tsk tsk….. You’ve been a very bad boy, Lyin’ Ryan. But we all appreciate your assistance in helping to re-elect Obama. So, let me finish up with a final two paragraphs from Sally Kohn’s (FOX) article:

“At the end of his speech, Ryan quoted his dad, who used to say to him, “’Son. You have a choice: You can be part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution.'”

“Ryan may have helped solve some of the likeability problems facing Romney, but ultimately by trying to deceive voters about basic facts and trying to distract voters from his own record, Ryan’s speech caused a much larger problem for himself and his running mate.”

Below is my little treat. The Lyin’ Ryan… the cowardly man that he is. Only cowards lie. Strong people face the facts head on.

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  1. Gotta wonder how long Kohn will keep her job after a piece like that. Ryan, well, you know the GOP vetted his speech, so I figure he speaks … er, lies .. for all of them.

    Nice little bit of art ya did there. Very nice.

    • short answer, she wont – FIRED!! if u share the truth, u r gone from FOX. the reason ryan lied like that, he was simply talking to his FOX base, and they never check facts. for christ’s sake, a romney spokesman said a couple days back. “we are not going to be concerned with fact checkers, allow them to run our campaign” (close enuf). the “we built that” malarky, i was surprised i admit, they ran their own convention on that lie. what goes from here on out, blame obama for everything in the world since the beginning of time, 6000 years ago (hehehe), spin the lies, and when confronted, lie about the lies. and the most disturbing of all, is “give no specific information”, til after the election, yes, they want the office first. willard said not long ago “americans dont want details, they want results” but for the know nothings, right wing, evangelical, tea baggers; we want both, asshole.

  2. Ryan may have helped with the likability problem?? I don’t think he’s any more likeable than Romney. Sounds like he was the golden boy of the beltway. Then he got a taste of real life on the national stage where everyone didn’t think he was quite so golden.

    BTW, perfect picture to use for Lyin Ryan

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