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DNC Day 1 | Magic. Hope. Inspiration. Includes Photos.

I just finished watching the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and it was wonderful. Very uplifting and inspiring. Never before have so many people touched me. Each speaker presented themselves showing their integrity and spoke so eloquently. I will not rehash this night, nor give a speaker by speaker report – just want to mention a few people that really stood out. What moved me most was what I saw about the audience. So if you don’t have time to read all of this, please skip down to “The Audience” section.

Stacey and Zoe Lihn.

Tonight was not a night full of mudslinging (thankfully – I’m so tired of it). Yes, many speakers did mention Romney and Ryan, and there was some mud thrown by a few (but after the RNC, he deserved it – plus a lot more – but two wrongs don’t make a right) however R&R were typically mentioned as a comparison to what President Obama is doing. For example, Stacey Lihn – a mother who had written Michelle to thank her for Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act – spoke about her daughter Zoe, who was born with a heart defect but can now get the care she needs. At 6 months old, Zoe was halfway to her lifetime cap with the previous healthcare system. But because the Affordable Care Act prohibits health plans from setting a lifetime dollar limit on most benefits, Zoe can now live a life without limits.

Stacey and her family are terrified that if Romney wins the election, he will repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. He has stated this clearly. Zoe will need another surgery on her heart either next year or the year after. If the act is repealed, Zoe will not be able to get her surgery.

For the most part, nearly all the mentions of Romney were factual statements. i.e. Obama fought for the auto industry, and Romney stated to let it run it’s course.

The Republican National Convention had so much hate in it. All they could do was slander our President, and tell complete lies – which have been proven by fact-checkers.

Tammy Duckworth.

Tammy Duckworth is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Ill., one of the first Army women to fly combat missions in Iraq, spoke about her military service. Due to a grenade landing in her Black Hawk, she lost both her legs. I rarely become emotional, especially when it comes to politics. Well, yes, I become angry-emotional. But I don’t cry. What Tammy had to say nearly brought me to tears. When the grenade went off in her lap while she was piloting the helicopter, she somehow managed to bring it down safely – even though the grenade had blown off one leg and damaged the other leg so badly she would lose it, and also shredded her arm. They landed in a very risky area, and her fellow National Guard team refused to leave her. No man OR woman left behind. Because of them, she is here today.

Michelle Obama.

I will not go into any detail here only because I am sure there are a thousand sites which will, and provide the video. I will simply say she is an incredible woman. We are so lucky to have her as a First Lady. In the image of her to the right is a quote from her speech. In my opinion, was one of the best things I have ever heard anyone say about any President.

The Audience.

The audience is what moved me the most. When the camera would pan around and show the delegates and attendees, we saw every walk of life attending. All races were present and proudly waving their Obama banners. But the one that really stood out for me were the gay pride people. There were a few – not a lot, but a handful or so – sitting there waving the rainbow flags along with their Obama banners. I loved it!!!!

Did we see any gay pride present at the Republican National Convention?

A black man. There’s a reason I am specifically mentioning the race of a man in the audience that I saw. This man was completely covered with campaign paraphernalia. A white top hat covered with sparkle and buttons. He had something around his neck which was bright red. And more buttons on his shirt. There was a flashing light of some sort on this hat. AND he was wearing some sparkly glasses which had blinking lights around the frame. He was decked out in his campaign bling-bling! LOL… And proud of it!! Right on!!!

Again, at the Republican National Convention did we see anyone dressed like that? And was black or some other race than white?

This audience was real and represents what America is. A true melting pot.

The Republican National Convention represented what America USED to be about… over two centuries ago up until the early to mid 1900’s – and apparently what they want to revert back to. A country and party dominated and ran by white males. During Mitt’s speech, at one point he referred to the United States as a company. Yes, he actually called our country a company. I heard this audio from his speech on the radio today. Here is the quote:

“Paul Ryan and I understand how the economy works, we understand how Washington works, we will reach across the aisle and find good people who, like us, want to make sure this company deals with its challenges.”

If Romney has his way, we will become the United States of America, INC.


Overall, everyone spoke of working together and moving forward. Common sense building for our future. Pro-America business. Definitely EVERYONE spoke of supporting women and NOT deciding what a woman can and cannot do with her own reproductive rights – those are decisions to be made by the woman and her family. Pro-education: public and college – Obama has doubled the Pell Grants. Taxes that the wealthy should pay their share. Government should not choose who you love.


Ohhhh… almost forgot. I’m just so emotionally and naturally high from having watched an incredible night. So…. A tribute compilation of a variety of footages of Ted Kennedy was shown at the Democratic National Convention. Very well done, very tasteful – I love it. But the chairman for the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus was disgusted. He tweeted:


Well, let me respond to this fool…. Ted Kennedy LOVED his country, his people, his job and was firm in believing and fighting for what was best for the people of America. If Ted Kennedy were alive today, he would be at the convention. Sadly, he is not. However, I am willing to bet the farm that if Ted Kennedy could send a message to us now, it would be to thank the committee for allowing him to be at the convention, even in death. To be able to posthumously supporting the candidate he supported when he was alive. There was absolutely no attack on Romney. Didn’t mention his name once. All that was said what Ted believed in, what he fought for, and what he succeeded in building. Looks like Priebus is feeling a bit guilty since Romney has no integrity.

Vote Obama November 6, 2012.

Audience of all kinds of people at the Democratic National Convention.



President Obama and two daughters watching their mother speak at the convention.



Tammy Duckworth speaking at the podium. WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY IMAGES






  1. It was a wonderful night but you know, someone had to try and spoil it. I just saw Reince Priebus’ remark about classless Dems. To which I reply, Sweetheart, your candidate is the definition of classless. I thought that people raised in ‘well heeled’ households learned manners early on. So Mitts should have known better than to insult the offerings placed before him by his hosts. Cookies from the 7-11 bakery??
    If he’s so uncomfortable sitting with the folks he’s supposed to represent, then he should have just said “Thank you.” then shut up.

    • Last night I was so thrilled after watching it that Reince’s remark only added to the smile on my face. He said that because he’s nervous.

      I watched some of it again, and there was some mudslinging going on that I didn’t notice the first time. But not near as bad as what the Republicans did, and do.

  2. I, too, noticed the distinct and very telling difference in the audiences at the two conventions. Forget the speeches; just look at the crowd shots.

    Tammy Duckworth was awesome!! Absolutely incredible story. A role model for all women.

    Looking ahead, I can’t wait to see Sandra Fluke (scheduled in the 7 pm MT hour).

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