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A Horror Film Remix of The Viral Video ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ | Excellent!

OMG… this remix is EXCELLENT! I can NOT stop laughing! The original video, Charlie Bit My Finger went viral after it was uploaded five years ago, and it now has over 480 million hits. My opinion, though, I honestly thought it was completely stupid, and rather annoying (the ORIGINAL – not the remix). I almost didn’t check out the horror remix – but being a horror movie fan, I figured what the hell.

And I am so glad I did!

Compliments of “What’s Trending.

Charlie Bit My Finger Horror Remix | YouTube Trailers


If you have not seen the original, here it is. The horror version is a million times better.

Charlie bit my finger – again!





  1. I watched the video three to five times. I feel that in order to give it the sort of review it deserves that I must ‘paraphrase’ one who has a grip on these things.

    Does this video have anything to do with ‘Chick-fil-A’? I ask this because I am completely confused. It was spoken in riddles and I just don’t understand what they are saying. It was a bunch of vague statements turned into the worst spaghetti bowl of twisting words you ever saw! I’m not sure what they were getting at. Phillip aka eggsuckingpup

      • Seriously; I thought both versions were thumbs down. There is no accounting for taste.

        Now to the “meat” of the matter. Chicken. I remembered another time when confusion held the upper hand. The “Chick-fil-A” flap of August 1, 2012. Both today and then I should have said nothing. Well I wrote so much that I only made the confusion worse. You told me that you didn’t understand what I was getting at and I told you that I would write more clearly. I like the stream of consciousness style, but not everyone does. Because I was so confused by the videos, I paraphrased you from the Chick-fil-A event. In jest and good humor.

        I read the whole “Chick-fil-A” Post and Comments from Aug. 1, 2012. It is still confusing. It is worth a reread. I guess that in my own way I was trying to put some oil on the waters, but it didn’t work out very well.

        Sincerely, Phillip

        • Okey dokey. I loved the horror version, but then I’m a horror movie fan.

          I’ll have to go back and read that, too. Honestly, my memory is not what it used to me. Seriously. I have lapses of time – recent time – I cannot remember what I did, where I was…. Rather scary.

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