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One ‘possum v. five terrified humans and other humorous videos with animals


I have found this video to be absolutely hilarious! A opossum snuck into someone’s kitchen, probably for food, and was discovered. But the reaction of the family is what is so priceless. Definitely not staged or fake – which is why I like it so much.

Possum scares people to death

Since I’m showing funny, but “real” videos, here is another one that I have had in my browser for a few weeks meaning to post it – but never got around to it. Here we have a woman who was recording the sun setting, probably to do a time lapse. She had her camera propped on the beach, when suddenly, a gull decides that it wants it….

GoPro STOLEN by a SEAGULL!! – Unique San Francisco sunset…

Another cutie, especially if you love dogs. First of all, Petsami obviously does not know their breeds very well. This is not a collie (the name “Lassie” in the title). This is a Sheltie. A very smart Sheltie…

Lassie gets a workout on the treadmill

This is a cutie. Perfect syncronization! The kittens have it down pat.

Dancing Chorus Line of Kittens


  1. Dear Michelle, I liked the videos. The seagull snatching the camera and making its own short film was great. The camera still worked! Buy one.

    One video I found in th same ‘group’ that I REALLY like is; Late Night Tales “Hypnose” Official Video. Definitely worth the finding. Heads and Tails above almost all the amateur videos that one stumbles upon. It should get a ‘Leaking Lizard” for the finest editing.

    Sincerely, Phillip

    PS Remember; there is no accounting for taste. (The Biting Brother)

    • That was great! You’re right, the editing is excellent! I wonder if they own all those critters or if some were “borrowed”? They have some rather interesting music too. I poked around a bit on their site, and I still like that song over the others I checked out. Thanks for pointing me that direction!

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