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“Ultimate” Guinea Pig is Just Sayin’

Remember the “Ultimate Dog Tease”? The video that most deservingly went viral last year? You know… the one about a man telling his dog all about the meat, and bacon, and other kinds of goodies in the fridge. Then he tells the dog that he gave it to the cat, and the dog cries out in despair. By far, that is the best voice over I have ever seen of dogs – and probably a lot of other voice overs, too. Currently the hit counter is approaching 119 million hits. Oh, sure, not as many as some music performers get when they release a new video, but definitely better.

Anyway…. Klaatu42 has released a new video starring a guinea pig. Includes guest star voice over from Ricky Gervais, and Rory the guinea pig courtesy of Minipigsdotcom. Klaatu42 has uploaded several animal voice overs since his viral hit, but none of them were really that good. Cute, but not good. This one on the other hand is pretty decent. No, not as good as the Ultimate Dog Tease… but then, will anything be that great? LOL… if I ever need a smile or a laugh, I just pull up the post I have of this video and watch it. One-thousand or so of those 119 million hits are probably mine.

This guinea pig video is actually a bit of a promotion for a new app called Just Sayin’ for Twitter, but it has been cleverly worked in. Make sure to watch to the very end as it appears to end mid-way, but there’s more.

Guinea Pig Speaks Out – Ricky Gervais


Awwww… heck. Why not. Here is my favorite. I can’t deny this pooch his fame, and giving myself another laugh.

Ultimate Dog Tease

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