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The Debate of the Veeps 2012

Just finished watching the Vice Presidential debate with VP Joe Biden and Governor Paul Ryan, and overall it was pretty decent. Ryan definitely showed more maturity than Romney did last week. Ryan didn’t throw tantrums nor demand to have both the first AND last word. Overall, Ryan just “was.”

During the first half, they were running neck-in-neck. But just past the halfway point, Biden took the lead. The one main difference I saw between the two was that Biden showed passion. Passion for our country and for our people. Although I must say that I did not care for Biden’s over usage of smiling and chuckling early on. Ryan, on the other hand, was stale and did nothing more than regurgitate what we have been hearing for months now. At least he did stick to the Romney/Ryan script. LOL… what is considered their script with so many flip-flops? Whatever viewpoint has been stated the most (Law of Averages).

I do not need, nor want, to rehash the entire debate. You know you can find it all over on the internet already. But there are two items I do want to point out – Afghanistan and abortion/women’s rights.

Thank you, Joe Biden, for declaring that it is time for the Afghans to start taking care of our own country. Please, bring our troops home. And Paul Ryan… shame on you for wanting to delay their return because you fear losing control of a country that is not yours. Ryan is mixing paranoia into his views as well. With suicides occurring at an alarming rate, it is time to bring our troops home! We have completed what we went over to do.

Now, lastly yet very importantly, Ryan’s comment about his faith when discussing abortion made the hair stand up on my neck. Ryan openly stated that he cannot separate his faith from his work. Bad answer. There are far too many different religions, as well as people with no religion, in this country – which Biden clearly acknowledged. No elected official should force their belief upon the people. End of story. Joe Biden put it very well…. In being a Catholic, he made it clear that his opposition to abortion stays in his own home with his own family, and that he cannot force what he believes on anyone else. And hallelujah… Biden stated these are decisions to be made between a woman and her doctor.

Overall, this helped perk up the Obama campaign after President Obama’s rather lackluster performance last week. I still think that was due to Obama being completely bewildered with the enormous change of facts – oh, okay, lying – from Romney. Next week, expect a completely different President Obama as he will not make the same mistake twice.

ROTFLMAO… Oh, yeah…. Almost forgot to share this….

During the pre-debate show, the reporters were discussing both candidates debating ability. And one said that Biden was a “master debater.” Seriously that is what she said, then another called him the same thing. I’m not sure they realized what it sounded like they were saying….


  1. I am with you on the reaction you had to the abortion question, Michelle. Ryan made it crystal clear that he is comfortable with moving this country toward a theocratic government, and anyone who values the principles of freedom on which this country was founded should have been very alarmed by Ryan’s reply.

    • Thank you! I am sure many christians, especially radical, don’t see a problem with this because they think “oh, that’s just good morals. I think it’s a good thing to bring his faith into office.” Hopefully some people who may think similar to that watched the debate and saw the difference between two catholic men. One wants to overturn R v W because of his understanding of when life begins; and the other believes the same thing, but knows that he cannot force others to believe as he does.

  2. Michelle…way down here in “Klan land” folks arent voting for Romney or Ryan.. They think that they are both closet liberals. They are warming up to Jews after years of hating them for no good reason.. The “Left Behind” series has changed their perspective. Many of them want a Theocracy just as Chris described. The reason is because they want the Rapture to occur now as part of God’s punishment for America allowing Interracial and Gay marriages.In order for the “End of The World” to occur the Jews have to rebuild Solomons Temple. The location in point is currently in the Moslem part of Jerusalem. I was at a Wal mart(right wing nuts love Wal-Mart and have no problem whatsoever and have no problem how they abuse their employees) and they were saying that Ryan was weak on Gay marriage and Abortion.. This place has no hope of common sense.. Michelle, can you even name ONE time the Southeast has ever been right about any issue? Love your blog.

    • Then who are they going to vote for? If not Romney and Ryan, surely there’s no way in hell they’d vote for a black man – those racist &*#&@##)*’s. And ahhh, yes. The “rapture.” I had so much fun with that last year and Rev Camping. So, when is the next scheduled “rapture”? Surely not the Aztec Armageddon…. they were heathens not christians! (note my sarcasm there) Their raptures always come from their bible deciphers….

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