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Some of the more dramatic photos from Hurricane Sandy

I grew up in tornado alley and of course there is quite a bit of difference between the two. One major difference that keeps coming to my mind is the length of time. Tornadoes are “wham bam thank ya ma’am,” whereas Sandy (which is no longer being called a hurricane) is like the Eveready Bunny… just keeps going and going and going…. I’ll take my tornadoes.

I have been glued to my computer and TV all day today watching the storm move in. Watching an NBC livestream online and CNN on TV. It just completely floors me that New York City – the city that never sleeps – is like a graveyard. With it being night it is hard to determine the actual damage – will have to wait until morning. In the meantime, though, people still have their cameras, both still and video. I’ve picked through hundreds of images of water drops blurring the lens to find these below – although I do believe most of them were taken by photo-journalists. I have heard there are a few deaths, and there are over 2 million people without power. Wow! TWO MILLION PLUS! I do hope everyone else comes through without injury, and that the damage is quickly repairable.

UPDATE: I am continually adding more photos as they come in. The better photos, that is. Keep checking back. I have added about 15 more today (Tues. Oct 30).

Hover above the image for more information about that photo…. Clicking on any picture will bring them all up in a shadowbox.


  1. Didn’t think anything could knock the election out of the headlines, but Sandy sure has. I agree with you — I’ll take a tornado any day. Got a chuckle out of the Statue of Liberty hiding; poor old girl has to stand out there in the middle of the harbor all by herself while everyone else runs for cover.

    • LOL… yeah, I saw that and knew she had to be included. And they apparently just finished some renovations. I believe the torch is opening back up (it was closed at least for a while – I don’t know if it ever opened back up). And now handicapped accessible at the main viewing floor.

  2. Sounds sort of crass I know, but I will also take a tornado over a storm like this. What is it with the stupid people anyway? I also was up following on news etc.Storms are now for me like a wreck I cannot stop myself from getting sucked in.(pun intended). I am sending thoughts of power and dryness to those involved….

  3. Reminds us that Nature rules…and we’d do well to remember that.
    Also reminds us that there IS such a thing as climate change and we need to start protecting this planet more effectively.

    • Yes there is. That was one reason NYC Mayor Bloomberg decided to endorse Obama. Climate change. Obama wants to start switching to renewable now (and has been, but not quick enough). And Romney just tells the people jobs, jobs, jobs. He knows that jobs are one our minds more than green energy. He has no desire to switch. Too much money invested in that industry, either directly or indirectly.

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