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Black Friday 2012. Videos of Chaos, Mayhem, and just plain ol’ Stupidity.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can turn into such an animal just for a discount. What’s amazes me even more is that had the crowd not been in a frenzy and everyone could lazily walk around and pick out what they want, the “grabbers” probably wouldn’t even want whatever item they just risked their lives over.

That’s key to this abnormal shopping behavior – encouraging a frenzy. Stores promote Black Friday as if this is the only time these discounted items will be available, especially at the lower price. And consumers believe that crap. This year began a new trend of stores opening up earlier, often on Thanksgiving night, with the excuse that “this is what the people want.” Well, I don’t believe it. Not at all. In fact, if YOU contacted your local Wal-Mart, or any store, and asked them to open earlier, please say so in the comments. You don’t need to provide your real name, just make one up. Early openings are just another way to get shoppers into those stores first.

Black Friday deals

Much of the chaos is due to buyers falsely believing that this is the only time that (for example) an x-box will be available, especially at that “incredible low discounted price.” Not so. There are plenty more where that came from, and are often discounted even more as Christmas approaches.

Online deals

Online is the way to go people. I have been receiving multiple ads from the stores I typically use when shopping online, and the prices are great! Many waive shipping when a minimal amount is purchased. So sit back, avoid the chaos, and order at a well-thought-out, leisurely pace. Buying discounted items you end up not needing is not saving money. Another tactic used by the stores.

I have always, and will always, avoid shopping on Black Fridays. Although next year I’m considering going with just my camera in hand solely for the purpose of recording people behaving like these YouTube videos below. I have to (guiltily) admit, it is somewhat entertaining. And you can tell that many of the store employees are entertained by people behaving like animals.

(FYI… When you record using your phone, please hold it horizontally)


Walmart 2012 Black Friday Xbox melee


Walmart Black Friday Fight


Black Friday at Walmart! part two crazy ladies fight and rush the….. towel rack


And So It Begins…………………..?


Black Friday 2012 Fights At Wal Mart Over Phones


Those are ALL WalMart stores. Another reason I do not like that store. They condone, and even encourage this behavior. But in being fair, here is a video of people practically stampeding a Victoria’s Secret store.

Victoria Secrets Black Friday Opening Mayhem!!



  1. I didn’t venture out today. There is little I should need worth being trampled. When the time comes that I deserve a stomping, I’d prefer it be at the feet of worthier judges than the mobs of stupid people that didn’t understand that the televised Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a commercial. When covetousness and greed take over, there is no thanksgiving. The measure of what we often think we need can destroy the wealth of what we already have, but don’t appreciate. I just posted about the spirit of the season in my journal, but I won’t spam you with the link here. I hope you & yours enjoy safe and happy holidays throughout. keep on rockin’,

  2. The last time I ventured out to shop on Black Friday, I was in my twenties so I’ll write it off as being young and foolish.( It was a snowstorm in downtown Chicago) These days, I shop at off times when I can and do the rest online. Currently I’m about halfway done with my holiday shopping.

    • On line shopping rocks! The only time I have ventured out was when on vacation in FLA with mom and dad. I was about 14? 15? 16? years old or so. Weather was crappy so we decided to hit some stores and see what the sales were about. We were in an upscale department store and I was reaching out to pick up a pair of shoes on a sale rack. Some woman pushed me aside, grabbed them and proceeded to try them on. I just stood there and watching with my jaw hanging to the floor. This had to have been around 1980, so Black Friday hasn’t grown to the chaos as it is today. So the shoes didn’t fit Miss Greedy here, so she turned to me and proceeded to ask me if I still wanted them. I looked her right in the eyes and said, “No, not since you touched them.”

  3. It’s hard to imagine getting along without it. I guess there have always been rude people and Miss Greedy was supposed to be the adult.

  4. I won’t go near a mall between Black Friday and New Year’s Day, by which time the rushes to return/exchange Christmas gifts and the post-Christmas sales will have died down. Online shopping is the only way to go, not just for Christmas but year round. Shop anywhere, find everything I want, and have it delivered either to my door or directly to an out-of-state relative. All from the comfort of my living room.

    • Hear, hear! I agree 1,000%. Online shopping IS the way to go. I haven’t set foot in a mall in years. When I do have to venture to a store, I go in, get what I needed, then get the hell outta dodge. I hate shopping. Well, I do like online shopping as it’s fun to sit in one spot comfortably at home and search for the best deal.

  5. This is why I now boycott not only shopping, but the season in general. It has turned into consumerism madness. Holy cow…

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