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NM Rep Cathrynn Brown Slaps All Women in the Face | Her Contact Info Found HERE

Sick. Absolutely sick. This whole bill has literally made my stomach turn and makes me feel like I want to throw up.

New Mexico House Bill 206, introduced by state Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R), has this added section:

B. Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion, or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime. 

There is no playing with words on this one. To get an abortion of a rape-produced fetus will be a crime. The punishment has several different levels, but the harshest sentencing is:

(1) if the highest crime for which tampering with evidence is committed is a capital or first degree felony or a second degree felony, the person committing tampering with evidence is guilty of a third degree felony;

There is a good chance that this is a harsher sentencing than the rapist would receive – if any sentencing. Sadly, many rapists walk away free of charges.

Her defense for this is a knee-jerk comment. She states:

“New Mexico needs to strengthen its laws to deter sex offenders,” said Brown. “By adding this law in New Mexico, we can help to protect women across our state.”

Uhhh… Cathy, let me explain something to you… A rapist is already committing a crime. Do you think they really care about protecting the fetus from a baby they most likely don’t want? Rape is an act of violence. Not love, and most certainly not to share a child together.

You are a disgrace to all women. If you don’t like abortion, that is your right. But do NOT do this to women of your state. Too bad our government doesn’t have a punishment like that of “old” Russia… send you to Siberia because that is really where you belong.

UPDATE: The backlash has hit Brown hard. She has added, “In no circumstance shall the mother of the fetus be charged under this subsection,” to the paragraph in question, but this only appears on HER website. NOT on the NM government site, so the original wording is still the bill up for adoption. She also removed all her contact information. But via ProgressNOW New Mexico’s website, it’s still available.

Her office phone: 575-302-2746
Her Capitol phone: 505-986-4248
Her email:

NM Rep Cathrynn Browns contact information

I firmly believe her intent was to stop any abortion. Brown was heavily attacked, and rightly so. She needed to do something to quiet everyone down. Did she really think no one would follow up on this addition to the actual bill and not notice the bill on the floor has not been updated?

309621_321647157944061_5665739_nA few other tidbits about Ms. Brown….

Brown is also on the board of Carlsbad NM’s Right to Life Chapter, an anti-abortion group….

Brown said in a recent interview that she’s a skeptic on global warming. “I believe it’s now a discredited theory,” she said. “I believe Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth was helpful. It gave us sources to evaluate, It was helpful in debunking the theory.”

On her Facebook page, she “liked” Paul Ryan running for VP. Well look at the graphic to the right to see this correlation.

NM Rep Cathrynn Browns FB page of likesOn her Facebook page, she has the “Bible” listed as one of her favorite books. Now, don’t go ballistic on me folks. There is nothing wrong with this. But when added into some other facts about her, she is a religious zealot that only cares about doing whatever she can to stop abortion. Her whole Facebook page of likes and interests just reminds me of an old spinster (fyi, she is married) that does needlework while watching the “Sound of Music,” and ending the day with a good dose of the bible before bedtime… bible first thing in the morning… and providing biblical quotes to anyone around her throughout the day whether or not they want to hear them. Let me emphasis… this is how I picture her. I’ve never met her, nor do I care to.

Makes one question if she is indeed in touch with the average American and New Mexicoan.

All the more reason to vote her out in the next election. We voted the likes of Akin’s out and a few others. It can happen again in her next election.


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Brown’s amended paragraph on HER site, not the NM site, is HERE
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  1. Wait a minute… I thought their side believed you couldn’t get pregnant from a ‘legitimate rape’. I hope many many people call the number given here ( thank you for providing it) and give her hell for even thinking of such a horrible bill.

  2. Wait a minute… I thought their side believed you can’t *get* pregnant from a legitimate rape.
    Thank you for putting her info up. I hope everyone calls or e-mails her to register their feelings about this horrible bill.

  3. What do you expect, she’s a Republican! Republicans in the America of today are the equivalent of Nazi’s in Germany of the 1930’s.

  4. Well, you heard Boehner pandering to all the Right-to-Lifers in DC today. Ending abortion is one of the GOP’s “most fundamental goals this year.” Seems to me there are more urgent problems in America today than turning back the clock on half the population.

  5. While the media seems concerned with the 2016 election, the agenda Democrats clearly needs to bring attention to are ‘incidents’ such as the Republican lunacy courtesy of the likes of State Representative Cathryn Brown and those higher up in the Repug food chain.

    The Left must push for their replacement in 2014.

    While the reelection of Obama was a major victory, we can make that victory complete by soundly defeating Repugs in the U.S. House and Senate and in our state houses. Let’s return Democrats to complete rule and send the obstructionists, secessionists, haters, religiots and flat-earthers back to burrow in their fetid underground hovels.

    No place exists for them in today’s or tomorrow’s progressive America.

    • Exactly. With a Repug (I love that!) House, there is not much we can do. They are obstructionists. End of story. Unless there’s a Repug prez…. and we all saw what happened last time there was. We HAVE to take the House back. Congress is where everything happens.

      I was thinking about something similar to the people voting for the Congressional pay…. We have a problem with the Repugs filibustering, right? And there was something brought to the floor to revise this procedure (now, bear with me… I’ve been working a LOT this past week and haven’t had time to read up on the details. I listen to talk radio, but I still need to read up.) Anyway…. so a revision was brought to the floor and turned down….

      Well, or course. The Repuglican House used this to their advantage. Why would they vote for reform which would make it more fair for the Democrats?

      Personally, there needs to be another procedure in place so that Congressional reforms are not voted on by Congress. But who?

    • Carlsbad. I live in Albuquerque, and although I actually haven’t been down there – I still want to go to the Caverns – it’s a small desert NM community. I’m sure many people know here and think of her as grandma. She’s an activist and this looks good – and it is a good trait to have. But where she goes wrong is an inability to separate her personal beliefs from her actions in office.

  6. Only in America …
    … does one really get the government one deserves.

    The Swiss call theirs ‘democracy’ — but what do they know?

  7. I live in a very unique place, Pensacola Florida. Google the assassinations and bombings of womens clinics here. Even those that dont provide terminations are firebombed.We had a fertility clinic that had a an arson atempt because they discarded frozen embryos from a dissolved marriage in 1995!.
    This is what happens when the media appeals to the idiot dollar. The southeast US has NEVER been on the correct side of a social or moral issue, ever. Someone please name one instance!

  8. Post Script….I wish that one just one of these self proclaimed, self rightous,self indignified,self, SELFISH! crusaders would pay the money and give individual care to 238 frozen embryos just to the age of 10! Without food stamps or ANY help from the Government!

  9. The notion makes perfect sense.

    If a girl gets pregnant by rape and the rapist compels her to have an abortion to destroy evidence of the crime, that exacerbates the crime.

    That’s not to say she can’t get an abortion. She still can – after reporting the crime and allowing DNA sampling of the unborn child. But to intentionally destroy the evidence is a continuation of the criminal act, especially if she is coerced by the rapist to do it.

    • The intent makes perfect sense, yes. But it was written wrong and still hasn’t been updated. As it is written, a woman who aborts can be charged. Intent isn’t the legal word. The word is the legal word. Although now I don’t think this will pass. She received a pretty bad spanking over this one.

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