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Georgia Billboard Tells Illegals To Go To South Carolina for Jobs

Just today, someone from Georgia commented on the post I wrote about the segregated prom in Wilcox County and was defending her state by declaring that all the other states were more segregated and racist than Georgia. 

Funny how I came across this article about a billboard just recently erected in Georgia which is telling people that South Carolina welcomes undocumented workers.

GA billboard that SC wants immigrants

“South Carolina Welcomes the Undocumented!
Sen. Lindsey Graham says His State has a Labor Shortage and Wants More Immigrants.*
For Job Tips, Call his office (864) 646-4090 Located in Pendleton, SC, Only 2 hours from Atlanta!
Courtesy of The Dustin Inman Society – Help us stop the RubiObamAmnesty!

I decided to look into just who this Dustin Inman Society is and easily found their website. Per their explanation on the name:

“Dustin Inman was a sixteen-year-old American boy killed by an illegal alien in a senseless traffic collision on Father’s Day weekend in the year 2000.

He was on his way to a weekend of fishing in the North Georgia mountains with his parents.

Despite being in the United States illegally, the driver of the car that killed Dustin, Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, was able to obtain a valid North Carolina driver’s license using his Mexican birth certificate and a Mexican Matricula Consular ID card….

Charged and indicted in the death of Dustin Inman, Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez is a fugitive after escaping from local police when taken to a local hospital after the crash. His whereabouts are unknown.”

It is not difficult to recognize and understand that the family is distraught after losing their son who was doing nothing more than spending time with his family. A horrible tragedy that no parent should have to endure. But to correlate that illegal aliens cause traffic accidents resulting in death is wrong. Completely wrong.

It would be like saying that since Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez is a male then all men should be banned from driving else they cause an accident and kill someone else.

And how many accidents are caused by people who are natural-born citizens of the US? Thousands upon thousands, but natural-born citizens cannot be targeted like illegal aliens.

The Inman’s are hurting from the loss of their son and desperately searching for a reason he was killed. But founding this Society is nothing more than finding a way to promote their racism, as this is what it is. Hate for another group of people solely based upon who they are as a whole.

As the vast majority of Americans agree, there needs to be some restructuring with our immigration laws. It is a fact – and everyone knows it – that people are going to enter our country without documentation…. yes, illegally. Regardless of the amount of border security. Although we still need to watch and protect our borders as best as we can, our country needs to accept the fact that thousands will still make it in illegally and focus on what can be done. For one, encourage these undocumented immigrants to become legally documented with a long-term goal of becoming a citizen. But primarily, first is to become legally documented… so they can pay taxes, for one.

I found The Dustin Inman Society’s Mission Statement to be diplomatic, yet does not seem to “match” the rest of the site.

“It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.” Barbara Jordan

This statement indicates that their members will follow along with what the majority of the people want, which is what a democratic society is about. A peaceful mission statement promoting working together for a common cause and positive outcome. Yet this site clearly promotes static changes without any thought of compromise, as well as having an underlying aura of hatred and finger-points racism when reading through the pages.

“America’s unsecured borders and the resulting illegal immigration represents a clear and present danger to our national security and public safety.”

Let’s take the recent Boston Bombing as an example. Although the entire immigration process by both boys is not entirely clear, they both did enter the US with documents and VISAs. Neither had a background within their own countries prior to moving to the States. There was no reason to deny their desire to move and become US citizens. Although their actions ended up being horribly tragic, they grossly contradict that undocumented equals “danger to national security.”

Besides, there are thousands more naturally born citizens who pose a threat to our national security and public safety on a daily basis – and on a much grander basis…. Timothy McVeigh, for one, sentenced for the Oklahoma City bombing. Another example, President Obama receives death threats daily and are primarily from racist, right-wing citizens. What’s more, innocent people are shot in our streets, in our homes. Women are raped. The vast majority of these crimes are committed by naturally-born citizens.

Then there is the issue about jobs, which this billboard so clearly provides the Society’s “assistance.” The Dustin Inman Society’s website explains the reason behind this billboard:

“We further recognize that the crime of illegal immigration severely reduces job opportunities for American workers and lowers wages for the poorest Americans. Also that state and local governments not only have the right, but the duty, to comply with all existing law and use all available legal tools to protect their citizens from the ravages of illegal immigration.”

Sadly, the Society members have put on their blinders as these items are symptoms of a much larger problem – not the problem itself. It goes much, much deeper than this. Employers of all sorts are moving jobs overseas thus taking away US jobs. If corporations were to be heavily fined and taxed for outsourcing with the result of moving jobs back into our country, I am confident that our job shortage would nearly cease to exist for all. In fact, jobs would once again become a choice based upon pay and benefits that the potential employers offered. When I left college a couple decades back, I was able to choose a job based upon the pay and the benefits which were offered to me. Not because “it’s a job.”

Think about the reality of the state of our country. We cry about “our jobs are being taken,” and they are – but not by those who have entered our country without documentation. They are being taken by millions of people in China, for one. Additionally, I live in a city that is only 5-hours from the border crossing in El Paso. Trust me, there are a lot of illegal people here. Yet I have never had a problem finding a job. I am not stupid enough to believe “just because I haven’t had a problem than no one else should,” but the lack of employment is solely not due to illegal aliens.

The Dustin Inman Society raises some very valid concerns, which is the motive they use to promote themselves and obtain donations and memberships. However, they point their fingers at the wrong group of people, and that will not solve anything. It will only promote hatred, bigotry, and racism, and assist the downfall of our economy and society. Imagine if the sign said, “Blond women, go up to South Carolina for jobs – there are plenty. We don’t want you here.” That is bigotry. Just because the sign is targeting a group of people with an enormous amount of controversy behind them does not change the fact it is still bigotry. Ignorant bigotry.

Wake up people. Ignorance is not bliss, especially when your ignorance interferes with my bliss.


  1. I must disagree about the Inman family. More than a few Denver-area residents have been killed or seriously injured by unlicensed, uninsured illegal immigrants — unlicensed and uninsured because obtaining licenses and insurance would reveal they are here illegally and subject them to deportation. Had they obeyed the law and not been here, the people they killed would still be alive. Sure, American citizens kill each other every day. But imagine how you’d feel if your loved one had been killed by someone who should never have been here in the first place.

    • But my point is that we will be unable to stop them from crossing the border. Perhaps reduce the number. So rather than fight it, let’s get them documented so they can get a legal license, take driver’s ed (although that’s another one of our problems), and get insurance.

      Although I know many people – all US born – who are driving around without insurance right now. Illegals are not the problem. Only a symptom of a greater problem.

      • I understand we must find a way to deal with those already in the country, but if we don’t do something about the border, what’s to keep another 11 million from coming in?

  2. I agree with Michelle regarding her point on job exportation. Avaricious corporations with the help of our government looked the other way while plants closed and jobs went overseas. They actually gave incentives to corporations to locate outside of our borders. This was a gradual process beginning in the early 1950’s but increased with vigor toward the end of the last century after normalization of relations with China.

    The entire matter of illegal immigration is a farce and could be resolved today, if the government really wanted it to become a non-issue.

    The gang of eight is primarily composed of political hacks who really have no intention of resolving the immigration issue. They are merely playing games aimed at garnering political points from their constituents, and in the case of Republicans, hoping that immigrants will be stupid enough to vote for their party should they actually live long enough to earn citizenship.

    People, like elephants have a habit of long remembering when they are ill treated.

    If we are sincere in ending illegal immigration and providing a pathway to citizenship, the first step would be to institute the required registration of all immigrants. Immigrants would be mandated to register during a particular period; would have to show proof of being within the borders of this nation on a given established date; provide proof of financial security (a job) or have an immediate spouse, parent or grandparent with employment who would vouch financial responsibility for that individual; and possess no criminal felony convictions either in their native country or within the U.S.

    People meeting this criteria would be granted a residency card. Those failing to register during this short period of time would not be eligible for residency and would have to pursue legal entry into this nation by going through the existing rules or any future immigration legislation. Failing to register and meet this set of requirements would result in expulsion. Immigrants found within the nation after that registration date without residency cards would be subject to deportation.

    A nation has the right as well as the responsibility of knowing who resides within its borders.

    There are many other details that would need to be instituted, but this I believe would prove to be a valid beginning.

    Regarding insurance and drivers licenses…It should be mandated throughout the nation that all automobiles be insured in order to be permitted on our roads and highways. Window stickers would need to be visible in each vehicle to attest to this fact.

    The same holds true for those seeking a drivers license. If a party drops their insurance during the course of the year, the insurance company should notify a state bureau that would withdraw an operator’s driving privilege. Driving is a privilege and not a right.

      • Michelle,

        The purpose of many on the Gang of Eight is to pass legislation that will merely appear as though something positive has been done, while in fact, if their work is examined it will show that the contrary will result. There are so many stipulation of what needs to take place ‘first’, before a program will be em-placed to provide immigrants with legality within this nation and a long road to the unlikely eventuality that they will be provided with a pathway to citizenship.

    • ChairmanMike
      I remember seeing a commercial about immigrants registering during the month of January.It was in cartoon form and said the registration could be done at the post office. This was in the early 1960s. I wonder whatever became of that.

  3. I think to blame all illegals because some people die is misplaced anger. It’s like me blaming all pit bulls because one pit bull attacked a child. You could say, “Oh, but if there were no pit bulls, my child would not be attacked.” Maybe. Maybe not. But being angry at a breed of dogs doesn’t change what happened. And neither does being angry at an entire group of people.

    Funny how humans keep making that mistake over and over again, They did with the Japanese during WWII. The Germans took it to an extreme with Jewish people. It’s crazy. It’s misguided. And it’s a great way for others to manipulate us into beliefs and actions we would otherwise turn away from.

    • Oh, excellent analogy with the Pit Bulls. I’m always on that soap box standing up for the breed. It’s their owners/trainers that cause the problems.

  4. I absolutely agree with you that “the lack of employment is solely not due to illegal aliens.” You’ve opened Pandoras book of morality and ethics in this article, which will hopefully put people to thinking.

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