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“Any time something is new, there is going to be some glitches.” Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA)

These are actual quotes.

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH): “The implementation has been horrendous…. The good news is that the competition that’s being created has lowered premiums significantly.” 

Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA): “Like most significant programs, the new benefit has not gone without a few isolated glitches and unexpected problems. But I believe that if there is anything wrong with the plan, most of it has been fixed and that that hasn’t, can be fixed over time.”

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX): “Rather than trying to scare and confuse seniors, I would hope we can work together as we go through the implementation phase to find out what is wrong with the program and if we can make some changes to fix it, let us do it and let us do it on a bipartisan basis.”

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX): “I think it needs to be understood that in a major reform, an improvement of a program like this, there are bound to be glitches.”


Unfortunately these quotes are not about the ACA (aka “Obamacare“). They are from early 2006 when the GOP screwed up their roll-out of Medicare Part D. Just goes to show that it all depends on which party the new bill is supported by and comes from.

BTW… the grammatical error from Murphy’s statement is driving me insane! Should be, “… there ARE going to be some glitches.” He’s a Republican, I suppose poor grammar goes with the territory. Okay, I feel better now.

GOP comments from 2006


  1. Be care what you say, dear politicians, it might just come back and bite you in the a$$.

    It’s amazing how they could be so understanding of the problems of one giant rollout and so unforgiving about another.

  2. M., The tea baggers will probably pillory Boehner for saying “The good news is that the competition that’s being created has lowered premiums significantly.“ (oops..did i say that?) continue…

  3. The thing is, politicians in this day and age speak only to their own party constituents and those folks will likely believe anything. I mean after all, they continue to elect these same buffoons. Americans’ memories are shorter than those of knats. Don’t be surprised that these comments would be totally discounted today, but weren’t in 2006. I certainly am not.

    But, let’s also be honest. There’s no way that the folks at the top should not have been totally aware of the debacle this ‘roll out’ has been way in advance and with enough time to remedy the situation before D Day. Heads should roll and not that of underlings.

    I watched Bill Mahr last night and thought what a pity that Anthony Weiner did America such a disservice by exhibiting his sexual failings. He was bright, articulate and a true spokesman of the Left with a brilliant mind that dashed the hopes of many by his own stupidity. A good point was made by Mahr about the sexual proclavities of other politicians who got away with their own indescretions and survived politically and still survive in some instances.

    • lol… I just watched the last half of Bill Mahr and thought the same thing about Weiner. But he may be of more benefit now as there’s nothing to hold him back now. Not that there was much before, but they always have to wonder if something they do or say will get them kicked out of office. Now, no holds barred. Go for it Weiner!

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