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Petition to ban Trump from the UK has enough signatures for the Parliment #DumpDaTrump

Another Trump FAIL. The United Kingdom has an online petition system similar to one we have here in the United States. With the UK, any petition will have the following actions taken if enough signatures are garnered:

  • Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures
  • Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate

Right now, this petition has 374,501 signatures. This means it can go in front of the Parliment – so long as the petition has meet the standards as listed online.

The petition launched by Scottish resident and longtime Trump critic Suzanne Kelly blasts Trump for “unrepentant hate speech and unacceptable behavior” that “foments racial, religious and nationalistic intolerance which should not be welcome in the U.K.”

The petition description states:

The UK has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech. The same principles should apply to everyone who wishes to enter the UK.

If the United Kingdom is to continue applying the ‘unacceptable behaviour’ criteria to those who wish to enter its borders, it must be fairly applied to the rich as well as poor, and the weak as well as powerful.

Such a ban would not be without precedent. Earlier this year, rapper Tyler the Creator was barred from entering the country for a string of tour dates due to some of his lyrics. Anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller was also banned in 2013 as it was concluded [her] presence in the [UK] would not be “conducive to the public good”. Another far-right activist, Robert Spencer, has been banned as well for similar reasons.

“The Home Secretary will seek to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the U.K. is not conducive to the public good,” a spokesman told HuffPost U.K. at the time. “We condemn all those whose behaviors and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form.”

Campaigner Suzanne Kelly contributes to online newspaper Aberdeen Voice, and has written a report analyzing Trump’s presence at the Menie Estate and has followed his career.

“The government is to be congratulated for keeping people who preach hatred and intolerance out of the UK. If Trump doesn’t fit the criteria of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ that has kept so many others out, I’d very much like to know why. It’s getting to the point that I can’t think of any group he hasn’t made negative remarks about, but some of his recent comments seem to me to hit out at religious freedom, people with physical disabilities and whole nations.

“I don’t know where this man belongs, but for me, it’s definitely not in the White House, and it’s definitely not as a welcome guest in the UK. I hope he’ll lose his ‘Global Scot’ status and his honorary degree from Robert Gordon University, too…." (source)

Well, we cannot have a president in office that is not allowed in the United Kingdom.


Huffington Post: Petition Seeks To Ban Donald Trump From U.K. Over Hate Speech


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