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Disturbing Japanese-style video pays homage to Trump — until you watch it closely

This is one strange – and disturbing – video. Produced with a Japanese-style theme, the video starts out with a young Japanese girl all doe-eyed in love with Trump. When he winks at her from a photo she has of the Dump Trump, she flies off to her imaginary LSD-style Trump-land complete with missiles, pink tanks and a flying fuzzy dinosaur-like creature featuring Trumps’ head (that’s an image I’ll never get out of my head). Rather reminds me of the nightmare version of Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds promotional material from back in the day.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this video was paying homage to Dump Trump, or is a parody. Once I scrubbed through the video, though, so I could see all the various scenes and images clearly, I decided that it is a parody. The Hitler salute at 0:45 is what did it for me. After that, once Trump has achieved his world dominance, he turns into a Japanese-style animé Ironman-like character – complete with a skull on his chest plate that reminds me of the skull in the new Mad Max movie – and eventually blows up the earth.

What’s really sad, though, is when reading through the comments in Youtube, a large number of people think the video is glorifying the psychopath by giving him praise and kudos. I’m sure many commenters didn’t even watch the entire video, perhaps none of it. Or if they are racists and bigots just like Trump, so to them it is praising Dump Trump.

I certainly give the quality and creativity of this video a big A+ and a shout out to the artist that created it, Mike Diva. What troubles me is even though this is a parody, it does hit too close to home as it isn’t too far off the mark in regards to Trump’s desire to dominate, and his groupies that idolize him.

So, without further ado, the video. And some screenshots below it.

Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016


Screenshots from the video.













  1. It’s a mystery how your blog appeared in my ‘in’ box this morning, but I’m glad it did! Did a quick viewing, and will come back. Anyone who has an entire category dedicated to George Carlin deserves a subscription! It’s great!

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