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Trump International Hotel, Washington, DC – Made in China – Profits over people

On Monday, September 12, 2016, The Trump Organization, and Trump himself, opened the new 263-room hotel in Washington DC. This opening is actual two-years early – good way to draw some publicity. However, half the hotel isn’t completed yet.

According to Daily Kos:

Reporters from around the world were tricked into covering Donald Trump’s new hotel opening in Washington, D.C., today. They were told it would be a press conference and Donald Trump would be answering questions, instead they were physically prevented from touring the hotel with Trump, and only photographers were allowed.

But, the folks from American Bridge did get a look around and what they found was a hotel filled with goods made overseas, mostly in China….

Another observation was made and told by Dana Milbank, an Opinion Writer with the Washington Post, Dana was a guest at the new DC property and made note that this new lavish, decadant hotel is “full of everything that Trump claims to hate.” Dana found a note along with the room’s copy of a Gideon Bible that let the guest know "If you would like to continue your spiritual journey, we also offer the followings [sic]: Talmud. Quran. Gita. Avesta. Tripitaka (Pali Canon). Shri Guru Granth Sahib. Book of Mormon. Kindly contact Housekeeping should you wish to have one delivered to your room."

Dana contacted housekeeping and requested a copy of the Qur’an. Soon thereafter, housekeeping showed up with an Arabic/English version, a prayer rug, and a compass pointing in the "direction of al Kaaba" in Mecca.

He also noticed that nearly everything in the room was made outside of the US. In fact, the only item he could find that was made in the US "was the small package of milk-chocolate Trump gold bullion ($25)."

But, but, but…. I thought Trump wanted to make America great again?! With Trump, it is profits over people. End of story.

Below: Tweets with photos posted by American Bridge.


    • Me, too. In fact, I’ve been planning on posting something along those lines. He makes me nauseous – literally. My stomach drops and turns whenever I hear his voice. I loathe that creature.

  1. At first,like many people, I thought Trump running for president was a joke. Now with everything that’s coming out about him, I’m aghast he’s gotten this far.

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