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I wish someone would ask Trump the following question in the next debate…

I’d love for this to get to someone who has a decision in what questions will be asked at the debate. This is specific question that I do not believe has been directly asked to Trump and, although I would enjoy watching him get caught up in his hypocrisy, it is important.

For Trump, it is a 2-part question:

1) Ask Trump if he likes to lead by example. Naturally he will say yes. He loves people to follow him.

As we all know, once the question has been asked, Trump will immediately go off on a tangent. He will blame Hillary that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It’s important that the moderator keeps him on track as Dump will do all he can to avoid answering it. In fact, preface the question with:

2) "For this next question, Mr. Dump, do not veer off into another topic, do not mention any Clinton name, nor Obama, nor any political figure. Imagine they do not exist…. This question actually does not have anything to do with anyone else but yourself"

Then ask him since one of his campaign promises is to bring jobs back to America, if he will lead by example and bring his, and his family’s, foreign production back into the US (you know as well as I do he will never do that). If not, then how can he expect other companies to do what he won’t do?

The answer is Tariffs and this is what Trump has proposed. I’ve been screaming this for years now. Tax them so much it will be cheaper to produce in the US. But, if Trump will not move his production back to the US, then will he pay the large amount of Tariffs he has quoted (I saw one quote of 45% taxes)? Or will he write himself an executive order or something official stating the he, the Donald Dump, will never have to pay any taxes or tariffs of any kind in the future?

Basically, in a nutshell, no one is going to move their production back to the US unless they will gain from the move — and I don’t mean integrity or morals. I want to know if Trump is willing to start the migration home.



CNN: Donald Trump sought cheap labor overseas for clothing lines



  1. Find out who is moderating the next debate. Usually their network will mention in advance where the public can send suggested questions. Sometimes they even take them during the broadcast. Or just send them to the network anyway. They all have contact info somewhere.

  2. I prefer a different 2 part – first part is a question, second part is a statement. 1: “Mr Trump, you have run a magnificent, effective campaign based almost entirely on confidently stated, great sounding, BULLS**T. I know why you are doing this, but Donald, are you sure this is a good thing for the country?” Hopefully Don will try and say he doesn’t bull****, leading to 2: “Because it has worked, it’s got you 20-40% of the electorate, and the Republican nomination. You bull**** the casino regulator, saying you hated junk bonds, then after they gave you the casino licence, you took out $600m of junk bonds at 14% interest per year. 14%?! So not something closer to the prime rate of 5-7%? Then when the casinos when bust the first time, you bull**** the bankers so they didn’t make you personally bankrupt (because you had made yourself personally liable for the debt for some reason), and left you in control of the casinos. And bull**** them again when the casinos went bust the 2nd and 3rd time. This didn’t work the 4th time the casinos went bust, but being kicked out didn’t stop you from bull****ing Carly Fiorina that you had got out “at the perfect time” and “made lots of money” (which you did, but not by making lots of casino profits, but through management and consulting fees, and licensing fees for using your name! All charged to the casino by you!). Then with Trump University and Trump Baja Mexico, you bull**** in TV adverts that you hand picked the staff and that your real estate expertise would ensure success – EXCEPT when they collapsed and people sued, you stated that you only did marketing and licensed your name, and had no other management responsibility. You even bullshit Bill O’Reilly to his face, claiming Lester Holt was biased against you because he is a Democrat, when he is actually a registered Republican. Then of course – tax returns – you seem to be hoping that if you repeatedly confidently state that you cannot release them because they are under audit, the people will magically believe you, because they don’t know and won’t look up that this is NOT A VALID REASON (I.E.: BULL****).

  3. It’s often mentioned with Trump as it has with candidates past. “Would you trust this person to have his/ finger on the button when that 3:00 AM call came?” I can’t say I would trust anyone who didn’t even know what the nuclear triad is.

  4. His answer has been, and continues to be, reduce the high cost of regulations and taxes that stifle growth and reduce profit margins here in the states and he’ll happily move production here. He has stated that as one of his goals; as soon as Congress produces those changes he will follow suit.

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