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How the Donald Stole Christmas | Video parody

This is awesome. And I mean completely and totally awesome! Everything he says is quite familiar. Can you make the connections?

NOTE: I don’t understand the fourth day. Who is that and what does she mean?


  1. I think day four is a take on the “A Chrismas Story” movie (the BB gun, shooting her eye out, that leg-lamp) and Ivanka taking credit for it has her own and thus a reference to her speech that seemed to be a plagiarization of the Michelle Obama speech.

    • Yeah? I haven’t seen “A Christmas Story” but if those the BB gun, shooting in the eye, and the leg-lamp are in the movie, then that pretty much confirms it’s about that movie. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for your help!!!

    • You are absolutely right except that it’s Melania, not Ivanka. And she’s stating it only happened to her thus a reference to her plagiarizing. Thanks so much!!!!! Now I can rest. šŸ˜‰

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