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Norway 7-Elevens speak out in commercials about using condoms

7-Eleven in Norway wants you to buy more condoms. Why? Norway has one of the highest rates of chlamydia in Europe.

According to 7-Eleven, Norway is only beaten by Denmark and Iceland. Maybe it has to do with people in such cold climates want to cuddle together for the body heat and warmth?? Just a thought.

The ad is interesting and it did surprise me. I saw it on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Oliver didn’t disclose what the ad was about, though, prior to watching it. The ad starts with some beautiful scenery in Norway, some text that giving some nicknames for the scenic country, such as The Land of Fjords, when suddenly…. Well, watch it.

This commercial portraying Norway as a country of chlamydia has sparked quite a bit of outrage on social media. Many users believe the ads were badmouthing the nation. I have to agree, however I do not believe it was intentional. I do not think they should have added in the statement encouraging tourists to use condoms if becoming intimate with locals.

“Visiting from abroad? Make sure to protect yourself against the locals! Get your condoms at the nearest 7-Eleven.”

Below is both the segment from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight as well as the ad only.

Progressive countries are not ashamed of sex and have no problem encouraging condom usage – although it can be done with more tact. Here in the US, the right wing would probably start burning boxes of condoms if something like that came out.


Express: Norway Chlamydia warning: ‘Welcome to land of CHLAMYDIA’ – Watch bizarre 7-Eleven ad HERE


  1. As far as advertising for safe sex, the U.S. is still in the dark ages. I can’t imagine it being dealt with so openly here. Same for sex education. Although it’s been proven to reduce teen pregnancies, some people would rather keep kids in the dark with abstinence only. Of course we all know how well THAT works.

    • I know, I know. Sex is treated as it’s something that is dirty and belongs in the back room. It’s natural and not a damn thing wrong with it. I really wish the conservatives here would quit repeating what doesn’t work and move in to the current century.

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