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When did WordPress update their site?

Since I build websites, I do all my posts in html via Dreamweaver. Imagine my surprise when I went to the “Add Post” page and it was completely different. There wasn’t a second tab to switch to the text (code) page. I looked all over for some sort of setting, widget, anything. Finally, for shits and giggles, I just pasted my html into the page and sure enough, it worked.

I admit, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. Been too busy actually building registration websites. So when I am done with work, I really would prefer getting off the computer instead of staying on. Today, though, I came across an interesting survey and thought I’d share it.

Since I’ve just posted once since it’s updated, my opinion is undecided, but I would like to know your opinion if you are a WordPress user and have had this same update. Let me know your thoughts.

Many programs that are used to create blogs, websites or simply posts are continually being overhauled in order to make them more friendly to the non-coding user. It’s called a “What You See Is What You Get” or “wysisyg” for short. That’s pretty self-explanatory. What about us coders, though? Sure, we are a diminishing genre really all over the board. People don’t need to hire an experienced coder to create a website anymore. Although it can be a time-consuming project (which is why I am very busy with work), and many would rather someone familiar with building a website take care of it for them (phew). I am learning to use both html and the wysisyg display as well, and it’s not too bad. Different. Takes me longer to create a simple post.

What am I getting at here? Nothing much, really. Just sharing my thoughts and putting out a plea to all these websites not to forget us coders. Most coders want to create a post in code. It’s much easier, faster, and more exact when you know html and css.

Any comments?


  1. WP finally got around to pushing the new editor to me and I immediately reverted to the old editor. I want to spend my time blogging, not learning a whole new system. I understand, in general, how it works, but I like what I’m used to. The day I can’t get to the old editor, WP may lose me forever.

  2. I guess I’m closer to “Pied Type”. WP has tried to lead us into revised blogging “updates” before – and they sucked so bad I have refrained from trying their latest effort. I get the reminders frequently. Perhaps some weekend when Web traffic is slow and weather is unconducive to walks…and no proper football from Europe/UK on the Web…I’ll give it a try.

    • lol… yeah. I hear you there. I love tech, always changing and improving, but some things should be just left alone– at least until I’m done with it. 🙂

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