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Which is your biggest concern? Your child marrying a transgender? Or marrying someone from the other party?

I found these survey results to be interesting. After thinking about it, though, they really don’t surprise me much. With republicans being so conservative, the results below are rather what I would have expected. Nice to confirm my suspicions. By the same token, the Democrat’s results definitely do not surprise me. I’d have to say that would be one of my biggest fears if I had children.

This is the original chart for this question. I find it a bit difficult to read so I’ve included the charts that Washington Post created for this same question. Reason I’m including both is it is interesting to see the spread between Republicans and Democrats in any given question.



Washington Post: Republicans would least like their kids to marry a transgender person. For Democrats? A Republican.
PRRI: American Democracy in Crisis: The Fate of Pluralism in a Divided Nation (survey website)


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