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Oh, the look on their faces says it all….

trump met with the Baylor’s women’s basketball team on Monday whereupon they presented him with a jersey. Oh, the look on their faces says it all…

And trump celebrated the women’s NCAA win by serving burgers, fries, pizza and more. Just the diet of all serious athletes (not). Brown, a Baylor senior who was drafted in the first round with the seventh overall pick during the WNBA Draft to join the Los Angeles Sparks, apparently laughed at the spread of McDonald’s burgers, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, fries, pies of pizzas and platters of barbeque sauce, ketchup and condiments in an Instagram story of her visit.

“Okay, Donnie. Cool,” she said as she panned the rows of food.

Trump holds up a jersey that was presented to him as he welcomed members of the Baylor women’s basketball team on Monday. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

USA Today: Baylor women’s basketball player Kalani Brown reacts to White House fast food: ‘OK, Donnie’
FoxNews: Baylor women’s basketball star apparently mocks White House’s fast food spread


  1. The first time he did this, his excuse was that the government was in shut-down. On the other hand, he has a hotel in DC which could have catered the event. Now he has no such ‘excuse’ such as it was. Maybe he doesn’t know how to communicate with the chef to plan a decent meal for guests who certainly deserve better.

  2. No class. The man has absolutely no class. You’d think his aides would suggest the proper approach but then, he doesn’t take advice from anyone. (And yes, I wouldn’t demean myself by accepting his invitation in the first place.)

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