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trump refuses to help New York with badly needed ventilators

trump is being a penny-pinching a$$hole. Governor Cuomo, NY, has requested 30-40,000 ventilators and trump doesn’t believe they need that many. Let’s look at the numbers:

I’m seeing Active cases currently at 42,071, and the numbers are still increasing exponentially (that means a LOT). I’ve read several accounts of people who have recovered from Coronavirus COVID-19 and all of them had a very difficult time breathing. Most patients developed pneumonia from the virus.

trump is doing nearly nothing for both country and states. He’s letting the states fend for themselves, but then denies a request for ventilators. If NY needs that many, then supply them. All trump cares about now it getting people back to work and kick-starting the economy. He is only caring about himself. His unemployment numbers are now the worst since well before Obama, and I’m sure that is eating him up. Plus he’s losing so much money from his hotels, stocks, etc.

I want the country to get back to work, too, as the work I do is based upon corporate trips and conventions. But I don’t want people to go back to work until the curve has flattened out. How much? I don’t know, really. Personally, I’d really like to see it fairly flat with new case numbers dropping significantly. Sadly, I do not foresee this happening for months now. Not with the numbers we are showing here in the US. Thankfully, I’m salaried, so getting a steady paycheck. But I work for a very small company and I worry about the owner being to keep paying us for an extended period of time without having the steady income he used to have.

The blood of the upcoming dead will be on trump’s head – and he will not care.

At least this isn’t long-term airborne (the virus can survive up to 2 hours in the air). I shudder to think what the numbers would be then……..

Source: US COVID-19 US stats
Source: Washington Post

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  1. trump says “Everyone wants to get back to work.” which may be true, but I doubt anyone wants to die because of it.

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