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tRump confuses elevation with population

Apparently, on a recent press conference, trump mentioned the population of Seoul, South Korea, is 38 million…. Wrong. It is 9.7 million. So where did he come up with 38 million? In Wikipedia. He thought the “m” in elevation meant “million” for the population (see image below). Didn’t bother to read it is the elevation. What an idiot. I can’t stop laughing!

Source: Palmer Report


  1. SMH, It took only a few minutes to look up that the land area of Seoul is 233.7 square miles. How in bloody hell did he think 38 million people could fit in that space??? The entire country is only 38,000 square miles and the total population is approximately 51 million. I try to use logic, then I remember whom we’re talking about.

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