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tRump experiences Noble? Nobel? or Pulitzer? Prize confusion

trump really is an idiot. I’m not going to be nice. He doesn’t know his @ss from a hole-in-the-wall. Today, he carried on about Noble Prizes – yes, “Noble.” Misspelled “Nobel.” However, all his tweets had to do with prizes for reporters and journalists, which isn’t the Nobel Peace Price – it’s the Pulitzer Prize.

Here is his first round of tweets – they’ve since been deleted. To be honest, though, his tweets do not make a lot of sense. What I get out of them is that he’s crying that the “fake news” isn’t worthy of any prizes. Plus, ol’ donnie wants to provide a list to the “Noble Committee.” Yeah, that’d be a real hoot.

And what’s the deal about “Russia, Russia, Russia”?

And here is the last tweet which is still visible in his feed.



  1. Next he’ll want to award tonys to beauty salon owners. ( Ya have to be a Boomer to get that) LOL

  2. Tony was a brand of home perm kit. My mom gave me one every year when I was a kid. I can imagine trump confusing it with the Broadway Plays award. I was also born in the boomer years.

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