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tRump experiences Noble? Nobel? or Pulitzer? Prize confusion

trump really is an idiot. I’m not going to be nice. He doesn’t know his @ss from a hole-in-the-wall. Today, he carried on about Noble Prizes – yes, “Noble.” Misspelled “Nobel.” However, all his tweets had to do with prizes for reporters and journalists, which isn’t the Nobel Peace Price – it’s the Pulitzer Prize.

Here is his first round of tweets – they’ve since been deleted. To be honest, though, his tweets do not make a lot of sense. What I get out of them is that he’s crying that the “fake news” isn’t worthy of any prizes. Plus, ol’ donnie wants to provide a list to the “Noble Committee.” Yeah, that’d be a real hoot.

And what’s the deal about “Russia, Russia, Russia”?

And here is the last tweet which is still visible in his feed.



  1. Tony was a brand of home perm kit. My mom gave me one every year when I was a kid. I can imagine trump confusing it with the Broadway Plays award. I was also born in the boomer years.

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