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tRump’s personal valet tests positive for COVID-19

Ayup. The Orange Baboon’s personal valet has now tested positive for COVID-19.

Please, oh, please, oh, please, oh, please….. I hope trump caught it from his valet. PLEASE!

Some more info about COVID-19 testing from TMZ:

The valet — a member of the US Navy dedicated to working at the White House — had COVID-19 symptoms Wednesday morning, and his test came back positive for the virus….

…Here’s the problem … several doctors, including an ER physician who treats COVID patients in the ICU unit of a major L.A. hospital, say someone exposed to the virus one day may test negative the next day, even if they have the virus. The ER doc says his unit will admit people suspected of having coronavirus, and even if they test negative they will be retested for 7 days.

The reason … the virus needs time to absorb into the body before a test will reveal the person is positive. However, that person could transmit the virus to others even if they haven’t tested positive yet.

As you know … Trump went to Arizona Tuesday and did NOT wear a mask [after claiming he tested negative for COVID-19], so if he were to have the virus he could have infected others.


  1. I have to wonder why he was wearing goggles. What’s the point? As for his valet, can you imagine what it must be like to have to dress and ( ugh) undress him? I’m sorry he tested positive and I hope he ( the valet) recovers.

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