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Factory where employees lived-in and worked for 28 days straight tells trump “No” to a presidential visit

Employees leaving after their 28-day shift

There is a factory in Pennsylvania, Braskem America, that creates the key component for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment such as masks and gowns). The employees know how crucial it is to get their product out that on March 23, 43 of them literally lived in the factory for 28 days straight, working 12-hour shifts every day.  They called it a “live-in.” Braskem America CEO Mark Nikolich stated no one told them they had to do this. All of the workers who stayed volunteered, living at the plant to ensure no one caught the virus as they sought to meet the skyrocketing demand for their key product, polypropylene. (source)

trump and his group caught wind of this unselfish, self-sacrificing feat. Since the live-in is over, trump requested to visit the factory and their dedicated workers. After some back and forth, trump was eventually denied a visit as it could jeopardize both the safety of the workers and the plant’s ability to produce special material for masks and other medical gear. (source)

Trump has refused to wear a mask in public, and Pence has frequently done so, as well. After a couple of White House staff members close to both trump and pence have tested positive for the virus, there’s a risk that trump and/or Pence could eventually test positive, too. Imagine how many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people would be at risk after meeting with trump or Pence. It could spread at an exponential rate. For example, trump meets and shakes hands with 12 people thus unknowing infecting them. Those 12 people go home and infect their family members as well as infecting many at the factory who did not meet with trump. Then those people infect others and it just keeps going. trump could literally kill people simply by a visit.

Kudos to Braskem America first for sacrificing seeing the family member for nearly a month in order to produce needed materials for PPE. And secondly, for turning down trump’s request to visit. The factory officials and employees have their priorities set straight as trump, obviously, does not.



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