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Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Pence in a way only Jimmy Kimmel can do

A few days ago, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted a video of Mike Pence carrying boxes into a nursing home for a publicity stunt. At one point, Pence asked if he can carry the empty boxes found in the van, which is what Kimmel tweeted about. After Kimmel learned that a much longer version, 29 minutes, of the video revealed that Pence was merely joking, he deleted his tweet and apologized for the honest error. But it didn’t end there for Kimmel. Mike Pence’s office wrote back to Jimmy Kimmel and demanded that he apologize on air. So Kimmel did a segment where he took full responsibility for his honest error, while absolutely shredding Trump, Pence, and the idiotic MAGA crowd.

This is nearly 9 minutes long, but it is worth every second. It didn’t seem like 9 minutes to me, though. By the end, I was wanting more. One of the best parts occurs towards the end. I tried to post another copy of the video, but starting at 7:12 so you can jump to the best part if you want, but WordPress won’t allow that. So, if you don’t want to watch the entire video, jump to 7:12 minutes. Your ribs may start hurting from laughing so much…

Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue – Jimmy Responds to Pence & Trump:

Here is a copy of the video where Pence asks to carry empty boxes – which is what started it all.


  1. Where do I begin? Jimmy made a mistake cause he didn’t see the entire video and apologised.I think it takes a big person to apologise in public and he did. I also got a big kick out of the doctored video, it’s so on target.

  2. Enjoyed every minute of this, but the video at the end was priceless.

    As for the Pence video, wouldn’t it have been simpler to back the van 10 feet closer to the building and just unload directly onto the sidewalk?

    • Yes, it would be much easier.Then there wouldn’t be much of a photo op, though. I thought it was funny that they were loading them on a cart just to move them like 10 feet. I would have just carried them, one-by-one, to the door.

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