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tRump having problems using his right arm – stroke???

Check out this short 7-second clip below (it’s the 2nd video – I’m unable to post it alone due to the way it was tweeted) when trump took a short break during his West Point Military Academy Graduation Speech. This is recent, too, as he held up the bible just fine in front of the church on June 1st. He’s been stumbling over many words for some time now. But this totally looks like he’s had a stroke when he has to use his left hand to lift the water glass he’s holding in his right hand. This is a very good sign that trump will be gone soon.

I just saw this video (2nd video below). trump is having serious difficulty in walking down the ramp. Towards the bottom of the ramp, he steps forward with his left foot, then brings his right up to the same location as his left instead of in front as you do when walking.


  1. I’m watching the clip of his speech on the news right now. He’s leaning pretty hard with his left side on the podium. Seems like standing is quite an effort for him.

  2. Hasn’t he done that two-hands-on-the-glass thing before? Very strange. Here, though, he obviously tried to use his right hand only and couldn’t manage it without using the other hand. I suppose maybe he could have a bone spur on his right elbow ….

    The ramp thing may be due to the rumored lifts in his shoes, which some have suggested is why he stands in a leaning-forward position. But with his ego, he’ll never admit to a physical infirmity, or to being wrong or mistaken about anything. I love to see him fall flat on his face in Tulsa … but he’d claim someone tripped him. How long is it till November??

    • I just saw a very brief clip of him doing the same thing with bottled water. I don’t know when or where it was. And I’ve heard the theory of wearing lifts. To be honest, I don’t believe he is. Even if he is, we’ve all seen him walk down ramps before without any problem. When you add in the sluggish way he spoke, all three together point to some serious health problems. I don’t think it’s a stroke – not at this time, anyway. But wouldn’t be surprised if he does have one in the near future.

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