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Category: Memes & Comics

Funny images of all kinds… cartoons, photos with captions, comic, political, pet, you-name-it. A catch-all of humor via image.

The Sunday Funnies | July 22, 2012

Time to let the problems, the job, the kids, whatever may be bringing you stress… it is time to let those things go away for a while. Humor is an […]

The Saturday Night Funnies

It’s time to take a break from the news and everything else which tires one’s mind. Kick back and hopefully a couple of the funnies below will put a smile […]

I Hate Mondays Funnies, Vol. II

Well, here we go. Another Monday, another work week. I really need to make the jump and start working for myself… then I will never have any Mondays since what […]

Let’s Name Her Monica

I just could not help myself. Really, I couldn’t. This photo and caption simply deserves a post all to itself. Here we have the former President Clinton, his wife Hillary, […]