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Doonesbury Comic Strip Sept 30 2012 | From ‘Personhood’ to more prisons

Here is my cool internet find of the day – actually, for me it’s the find of the year!… Doonesbury on Slate website. I love myself some Doonesbury. I am sure many of you already know about it, but I didn’t. Via a friend on Facebook, came to check it out and holy cow! Talk about where to go is you need a Doonesbury fix! Plus the graphical layout and presentation is superb by using what looks to be actual items, such as the Sunday funny page with the bottom ripped; a matchbook that I could almost reach out and pick up; and a bunch of other stuff. If you haven’t been there, check it out.

Here is the comic for today, Sunday, September 30, 2012. I will preface this by saying that ignorance is not bliss when the ignorance of these people interfere with my bliss….

Take it away, Doonesbury!


Slate: Doonesbury





  1. Yeah, Ryan and Akin would think of that.

    Now for the Gaffe du Jour

    Miit Romney, who won’t get into specifics about major issues but, had his campaign send out fliers stating that they’d get control of the chronic lyme disease in Virginia. The CDC says there is no such thing as “Chronic” lyme disease. Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics for 2-4 weeks. The flier advocates aggressive antibiotics for an extended period. That can actually kill people.

    • I don’t know much about Lyme’s disease, but I have heard people reference “chronic” including someone I know, but that’s semantics. There is Lyme disease we we’ll just keep it at that. Luckily, out west we don’t have deer ticks.

      Either way, wtf… so, what?… we should elect him over a promise to control an illness which is spread by ticks??? What the hell is he going to do, find every single deer tick in the state and kill it. Then at the state line, put up signs that say, “No animals allowed that are carrying deer ticks. And people, too” I mean, come on, Mitt. I’ve been wondering if he’s going senile, and it looks more and more like it every day.

  2. So two points of view here.

    1. Rolling in on the 25th anniversary – the texting in the kitchen is just a hoot. And good for her to suggest at least sharing a coffee.

    2. 21 years of those 23 raising daughters (and working with a a great woman to do the same) and the thought of the Akin/Ryan/Bainer/Bachman crowd putting a puppet figure head into office to grease their archaic and disturbing social agenda makes me sad, scared, and angry.

    • Yeah, the texting in the kitchen was great. Although I had to study it for a while as I kept wondering if it was one of those “split screen” deals, with him in one location and her in another. Then I finally decided that they were indeed both in the kitchen, which is totally funny.

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