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News, articles, photos and videos are related to a variety of news in the United States.

NRA Issues Press Release

Gratefully, the NRA went quiet after the shootings occurred in Newtown CT. A small amount citizens still carried on about “my right to bear arms” and cried that their guns […]

Papa John’s CEO Schnatter is Full of Bologna

Another melodramatic multi-gazillionaire has been at it again. Papa John’s International Chief Executive Officer John Schnatter — a supporter of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and opponent of the […]

So You Think You Want to Secede, Do You?

Lately the hot topic in the news is that residents from a good majority of our states have now started on-line petitions requesting secession. Specifically these petitioners are asking to […]

Obama Wins Second Term

All I want to say is thank goodness. It’s over. I don’t have to move to Canada now. Obama over Romney via Electoral College. Obama ahead in popular vote… but […]