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Amazing Interactive Site | The Scale of the Universe

An absolutely phenomenal interactive site which allows you to zoom in and out, depending upon where you want to start or go, by using the scroll bar. I also found using the left/right buttons work as well. Clicking on any of the objects will provide you with the size of that item. Obviously, these are of an average size.

Below are several screen shots starting at the very smallest item known to man and working my way out.

Additionally, the background music is very peaceful, yet slightly galactically mysterious. In fact, I’m still listening to it now and probably will the rest of the evening, or when working on designs.

Please enjoy.  Here is the link to the site:

Click on the first image, then toggle through to increase in size.



  1. I am soooo glad to see that you were only “down” for a short time. Hope you’re all moved and happily settled. Hope too that you’ve discovered that doggie stomach rubs are a great way to kindle or re-kindle your creative mojo :). My best back to you.

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