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My opinions and my thoughts.

I am a Forever Dog, Not an Until Dog

Last night when I posted about the protests at the Westminster, I also included the image below which has the blurred out dog in the middle. The original image was […]

What a Moving Weekend

Yes, it was a very moving weekend. Literally. Moved from my little casita into two bedrooms in my dear friend Lyn’s house. I hate moving. Is there anyone who enjoys […]

I am Moving Today

Well, just about to tear down my system for the day. Kind of painful since I’m so addicted to the internet, blogging, photography and graphics. But I will be back […]

A Tax on Sugar Proposed

According to pediatrics and obesity specialist Robert Lustig and health policy researchers Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis, all at the University of California at San Francisco, sugar should be identified […]

Will Walmart help India or destroy it?

Millions of shop owners in India are fighting for their survival, as the threat of Wal-Mart knocks at the door. While entry for international supermarket giants has been shelved for […]