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9/11 survivor and recognized hero censored by the mainstream media

With the anniversary only two days away of 9/11, I fully expected all kinds of stories, videos, reports, etc. to come out of the woodwork.  They have.

There are a plethora of conspiracy theories out there which I have been reading.  Many seem far-fetched to me.  I am not prone to conspiracy theories, in fact, I often guffaw at them.  But from the moment I saw the coverage begin on the Twin Towers nearly ten years ago, there were – and are – many items which did not – and still do not – make sense to me.

I am not posting this information on 9/11 to sway anyone’s opinion, but for you to consider and form your own opinions.  I was not there, so by what right do I have to tell you what happened?  For example “Zero: An Investigation into 9/11”, is actually a very well made documentary, and most certainly brings up some very valid questions to which many people, including myself, would like some answers to.  There are too many things which just do not make sense.

I do believe we are not being told the truth – at least the not entire truth.  Government cover-ups have been occurring since the creation thereof.  Is this more than a cover-up?  Have we been completely lied to?  No one, especially me, wants to admit this, but what we want simply does not change the facts.  What are the facts?  Only those who were actively participating truly know, and I doubt they will tell.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.  More than myself, though, they deserve the truth.

Here is a bit done by Russia Today.  This is not the first I have heard about this heroic janitor, who was recognized by the Whitehouse.  But two questions do come to mind with the source (one must always consider the source)… 1. There is still animosity between Russia and the US.  Are they just trying to stir up trouble?  or 2. Russia Today, not being US Media, has more freedom to report news about 9/11.  I hope it is the latter.

(VIDEO)  William Rodriguez was a survivor pulled from the Twin Towers on 9/11. Rodriguez was a janitor there for almost 20 years. He joined the effort to pull survivors from the rubble and recalls pulling people out of the Twin Towers.

Rodriguez has been censored by the mainstream media after he said he heard an explosion in the basement of the tower BEFORE hearing explosions above him. He has also been banned from the 9/11 10th anniversary memorial ceremony, along with other 9/11 1st responders.

Check these out if only for the sake of curiosity – they are worth it:
ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11. Part 1
ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11. Part 2

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