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UC Davis Pepper spraying cop, Lt. John Pike, makes it into famous art

Today, these internet memes of a photoshopped Lt. John Pike, now infamously known for openly spraying protesters at UC Davis who were peacefully sitting in a line across the sidewalk, have become viral as he now appears is some very famous artwork, as well as humorous scenes.

For more pictures of UC Davis and information, please see my previous posting:  UC Davis Photos and Video of pepper spray incident. Are we in a police state? #ows

Here is a photo of the pepper spraying incident at UC Davis:

Okay… I couldn’t help myself… this next one, full size, is my little creation of John Pike pepper-spraying the Von Trapp family…

Okay, I’m having too much fun… Here is an animated gif I just created with the evil Lt John Pike pepper-spraying Gandalf the White…


Here are some examples of the viral artwork… the first five were created by Jockhomo, the rest are unknown.


Click on a thumbnail to bring up the image in full size and resolution in the shadowbox.
You may then toggle through each picture at your own pace.


For anyone interested in creating your own, here is a transparent .png that I created and used.  It’s a bit rough, but as long as you’re not creating a high resolution wallpaper size image, it works fine.


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