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Careful… Guam may tip over

Yes, I am on the slow boat from China here….  I completely missed this back in March/April 2010.  If you haven’t seen it, well, it will make you cry either from laughing so hard, or from the realization that someone like this is an elected official – or both.  He ate too many paint chips as a child.  Too bad I missed this… would have had fun with creating some meme’s of this footage….

In this video footage of a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) is afraid that the U.S. Territory of Guam is going to “tip over and capsize” due to overpopulation.


Here is Johnson’s explanation of why he said that. If sarcastic humor was his intent to dramatize the situation, he needs some work on his delivery.


    • Ayup! Sad thing is, the “job” of a politician has now become a such a joke that most who ARE worthy have no desire to do so anymore. Perfect example… our GOP Candidates. Well, now, Ron Paul I think has a heart and (for the most part) is acting in the behalf of the citizens and not the corporations… but, damn it… why did he have to be affiliated with the Tea Party? Which he is so unlike the other Tea Baggers…. This upcoming election has me so confused right now. Actually, more SAD than confused. I was such an Obama supporter, too, but now, well, there are some things he’s done – and NOT done – which are making me question who his allegiance is to.

  1. Uhm… uhh… well… yeah… I mean… uhm… I was… (finishing last chapter of War and Peace waiting for this guy to get to the punch line) HOLY MOELY!!! If UPS and Fed Ex had this kind of delivery, they’d have been out of business long ago! And all this leading up to “Guam is going to tip over and capsize”??? Good thing this guy’s a congressman and not a stand up comic – he’d starve! Gives a whole new meaning to “Bringing down the House”! Lol

  2. That whole exchange leaves me … speechless. I don’t know how the admiral managed to keep so calm and straight-faced. I saw Johnson on some interview recently and he didn’t make a whole lot of sense then either. But at least I wasn’t laughing at him. I was able to accept him as just not quite the brightest crayon in the box. The people had the right to elect him; it just makes you wonder about the voters who live in his district.

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