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YouTube Censoring Videos and Catering to the “Man Behind the Curtain”

Just recently I posted a story and video of an LA deputy punching a non-violent woman in the face on a bus. This morning, a kind fellow blogger commented that the video was no longer available. This is what I saw when I checked it out:

Click HERE for the URL where this video used to be – and this image above now appears.


I found another copy of this same EXACT video on another YouTube channel. There are several uploads available.  If you have not seen it, please watch.  This video is a news report from a legitimate news station – 4 News.

There was absolutely no hate speech whatsoever in this video.  This is blatant censorship on the part of YouTube, most likely due to those in power in our country – or as I prefer to call them, the “Man behind the curtain” (referencing The Wizard of Oz).

It would be more understandable if it was removed due to copyright violation, which I see happening to videos all the time, and more frequently now. Even then, uploading this video is in accordance with the Fair Use law in which “…examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author’s work…”  But YouTube seems to ignore the Fair Use Act.

SOPA/PIPA have not even been passed – and look what is happening now.  If these pass, well…. it will be a day to go down in history and proof that Orwell was right, and we will be under the control of internet censorship.

Some people may think this is a YouTube copyright take-down, but here is a screen capture of one of my uploads of a BBC Video (yes, I knew it would eventually be banned by BBC… they do that all the time):

Here is my thought pattern… The news channel had not contacted YouTube to have the police brutality video removed due to copyright violation, but someone else did want it removed – someone who did not want it to be seen.  But, since no copyright claim had been formally submitted, then YouTube put a “Hate Speech” violation on it in order to take it down per “whoever” requested it…



  1. Yep, outside forces can and do step in and force YouTube to remove unflattering videos or those they claim violate a copyright (a foreshadowing of SOPA/PIPA). I’ve posted several in the past that, when I went back to them later, found they’d been taken down. Even saving them on Vodpod hasn’t always helped. Not surprisingly, they can sometimes still be located on foreign websites, outside U.S. control. Scary how that makes us sound like some dictatorship, where we are forced to go to foreign websites to find the info we want.

    • Oh, I’ve seen plenty of copyright claim removals. But this one really shocked me because YouTube is claiming “hate speech.” There is absolutely NO hate speech whatsoever in that video. None. To ban a video due to copyright claim, the news channel would have to put a claim in the video to request removal. In this case, it appears that since the station had not done so, and someone wanted it removed, then YouTube used the excuse of “hate speech.” This really really bothers me much more than the copyright claims.

  2. We often see some aspects of science fiction novels eventually come to pass, but the main thought that keeps coming to mind more and more lately is that George Orwell wasn’t simply a writer of social commentary warning of the possibilities of a morally corrupt government. He was a freakin’ prophet.

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