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Cop Punches Non-Violent Special Needs Woman on Bus

The police brutality is truly getting out of hand. It is such a shame, too, more so to the citizens and those undeserving of such treatment, but also because there are many good cops in this world who are bearing the burden of the officers who abuse their “power”… but the “good cops” seem to be going the way of the dinosaur.  There are many schools with zero tolerance toward violence and drugs…. why can we not implement a zero tolerance on officers in matters such as this?

In this video, the police boarded a Los Angeles bus and confronted a mentally challenged woman by name. Appears there may be history there. But regardless, the most violent activity she showed is shouting obscenities.  It is very apparent she is not showing any physical threat whatsoever. In fact, it even appears as though she is having a difficult time just standing, let alone causing physical harm to the officers. Then, suddenly, wham! The cop to the right throws a right punch directly to her face.

Here is the raw footage from the incident followed by a news coverage video:


Afterwards, the man recording the scene, Jermaine Green, claims he was approached by the officer who then threatened to arrest him if he didn’t hand over the phone. Green, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran with a clean record, refused and the officer was unable to confiscate the evidence.

Several states have creatively interpreted eavesdropping laws to arrest bystanders that record their activities. In other states, the police simply look for any excuse to arrest the “offender” or intimidate them into keeping quiet. This is why, if Mr. Green is correct (and he probably is), the officer that threw the unwarranted punch wanted to know if Green had any warrants against him. If Green had had one, he would have been arrested, the phone taken and “accidents happen.” There goes the evidence.

As a police state grows stronger in America, our rights are also going down the same path as the dinosaurs.  I often wonder, though, are we more aware of such police violence and police brutality because it is increasing?  Or are we aware because nearly everyone now carries a cell phone with video camera built in only to upload and spread throughout the world in a matter of nanoseconds?  I think it is actually both.

Click HERE for the follow-up interview with Julie Nelson… the woman hit by the officer.

Source:  Addicting Info


  1. Infuriating and scary. You ask a valid question, but whether it’s increasing police brutality or the increasing presence of cameras, the unavoidable result is a public becoming wary of the very people who are supposed to protect and serve. When I see a police office now, I can’t help wondering If he or she going to be the old-fashioned kind that you know you can always trust or one of the belligerent ones who would just as soon taze me or slug me. Furthermore I see ZERO justification for laws against or intimidation of citizens recording incidents that occur in public. There is no expectation of privacy in public and there are legal security cameras everywhere. The only possible reason/excuse for going after citizens recording police activity is to cover up what the cops were doing.

  2. “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.” What hate speech?????

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