There have been so many large protests throughout the history of mankind, but in my opinion, so many sites going black ranks now as Number One!  The organization, the participation is on such a grand scale!  Many sites are going black from 8 AM to 8 PM EST on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, but Wikipedia went black as of midnight.

More about the Sopa Strike here, including the sites going block on January 18th.

Wikipedia (English)



6 thoughts on “The Greatest Protest in History Has Just Started
  1. That page is so impressive, so beautiful, and means so much, I got misty eyed. And to think I’m going to become a little part of it at midnight (MT) …

    • I’m so torn… I want to protest, as I so FULLY support it… but I don’t draw enough traffic to make much of an impact. So I’m debating about just reporting and posting images – with intermittent times of blackouts.

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    I am excited that the protests are starting to find traction. Both of my senators, Hatch and Lee, have asked for the vote to be delayed in the Senate. Hopefully, they will carefully consider what is happening and deny major-media (major-almost-dead-media) the massive power grab they seek.

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    My blog will join the strike, if you share the opinion that SOPA/PIPA would severely limit the freedom of Internet join the SOPA strike.

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    Support this protest by put SOPA/PIPA ribbon in your blog. Go to your dashboard>setting>SOPA/PIPA

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