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Hilarious Anti-Planned Parenthood Video (Warning: Penis-shaped eclairs)

The American Life League released an absurd (and unintentionally hilarious) propaganda video meant to smear Planned Parenthood. In this video, Planned Parenthood is actually called “these perverts”; is accused of selling pornography to children under the name of science; and the gateway drug is masturbation. The speaker, Michael Hitchborn, actually tries to correlate how a drug dealers goal is to make drug addicts, Planned Parenthood’s goal is to make sex addicts.

“…and this, and this, and this, and this….”

Honestly, there is not one single thing in this video that anyone should be ashamed about. In fact, there’s some damn creative stuff in this video! A penis eclair with the cream, well… you figure it out. In fact, I’ll bet Michael Hitchborn is a closet sex addict and attempting to hide his “shame” by producing this video. He probably went and jacked off after he finished viewing all the penises, vaginas, and sex acts he so degraded. Then afterwards, I’ll bet he went home only to have his wife spank him for being such a naughty little boy.

If more people were open to teaching their children that sex is natural and completely normal, this would be a much more pleasant world.

I’m just amazed that people like this still exist. If Santorum wins the primaries, Michael Hitchborn would make a great running mate.



  1. Michelle, this funny post of yours is so in line with what i’m writing right now (an interview with Mrs. Satan)
    …wow. these people are INSANE!!! and i think this penis kick you’re on is a very good one. keep it up. 🙂 continue…

  2. Part of the physiological origin of groups like this may be penis-shaped eclairs. Or doughnut-shaped brains.

    One or another portion of their anatomy misshapen – and it reminds them of sex, as usual.

      • Yes, I agree. So many people forget that we got here because of sex and think that it should be hidden under the rug until the need for procreation happens. That’s sad. Good for PP making an attempt to bring it out in the open in an interesting way from a new direction that I don’t recall ever being tried.

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