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Planned Parenthood Distributes Condoms with QR Codes to Check In on a Website

Yes, you read that title correctly. I never saw this one coming (oohhh… so sorry about that). Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest has begun distributing 55,000 condoms to college students with QR codes, allowing students to anonymously “check in” and boast about where they’ve practiced safe sex. A Web site dubbed chronicles all of the action.

“Did you just use a condom to protect yourself against unintended pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections? You go, tiger! Sex that (is) safe, should be shared,” declares the Web site.

The interactive map also includes comments from users. For example:

A 20 something guy and a girl whose relationship is just for fun and have already talked about safer sex and STDs used a condom in the bedroom to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. It was ah-maz-ing – rainbows exploded and mountains trembled.

The site also has a disclaimer, with some VERY wise words that I absolutely love!


Sex happens. More importantly, safe sex happens!

We just want to make that point to the world. You should be proud to wear protection. Especially when you consider that more than half of us will get a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) at some point in our lives. Condoms are the only form of Birth Control that helps protect against the spread of STDs. They’re also 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. Face it: condoms reduce the risk!

Of course, abstinence from sexual activity is the only sure way to prevent both pregnancy and the spread of STDs. But remember: Sex happens. We’re not encouraging you to have sex or not have sex. We’re just encouraging people to be safer in their activities. This site is intended to provide a visual representation that safe sex happens too. There is strength in numbers. There is leadership by example. Be part of the solution. Be smart. Be sexy. Be responsible. Have safe sex and be counted to help normalize the use of condoms.

The one thing I could not figure out about this site, though, is where does the QR Code come (sorry) into play? The only thing I can come (sorry) up with is to scan the code with your cell phone from whence the activity occurs and that will take you to this site.

And, yes… I did enter in some information just to see what came (sorry) up. Below is the “Thank You” page. And I also received my own URL to view my posting.

Planned Parenthood is the best! They come up with the most creative ideas which promote safe sex, as well as educating that sex is normal. Not like this guy in the video I just previously posted about.

Source:  Geekwire


  1. OMG, this is hilarious! And speaking of trembling and exploding, I laughed so hard thinking of right-wing-dingbat heads popping that I couldn’t type for a good three minutes!

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