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Lest We Forget… The Things Mitt Romney Has Said

Credit: Mario Piperni

As Republicans settle on a nominee – although not yet official, Romney pretty much has the Republican Candidacy in a bag – let’s take a look at some of the unforgettable moments from this unforgettable primary. Some may consider many of Romney’s statements more along the lines of infamous.

Although this video is produced by Obama for America, it honestly does not matter. Romney is the one that said everything here. Do not take these statements lightly. Many Romney supporters argue that Mitt simply choose the wrong words when making a point. You decide… bad choice of words? or Freudian slips?

Romney is nothing but a puppet for the corporations. He is not fit to run anything but a garbage disposal. Carefully think this through and choose wisely my fellow voters.



    • Clueless! He is so completely, utterly and entirely CLUELESS!!!! They think the dog loved it because that’s what he wants to believe. And he’s trying to cover up for a horrible mistake.

      Plus, they didn’t have to leave Seamus in a kennel – they could have driven a larger vehicle which allowed everyone to travel comfortably. And money is no issue with them.

      Talks about a family of simpletons….

  1. Romney’s penchant for reacting to whatever is ala mode in the press for any particular day has allowed him to be portrayed as a flip flop. And rightly so. Because he is a flip flop. Obama’s campaign is going to mop the floor with this dude – I’m eagerly anticipating Romney’s responses to “Well, Governor, which is it? Where DO you stand?” questions in interviews and debates.

    • Most absolutely. Prime example – the health care he set up in Massachusetts. It is not unlike Obamacare. Very similar in fact. However, he is highly opposed to Obamacare because, well… it came from Obama and the Democratic Party. You think he’d be flattered and willing to help implement a program that is very much like the one he set up – which apparently is very successful. From the numbers I heard on a progressive radio talk show, only about 2% of the people in the state do not have insurance. Of course, we have to take stats like this with a grain of salt… does it include homeless? Doubtful. But I would assume that the numbers are gathered in a similar manner in all states. So even though not exact, when comparing to the other states in our country, 2% is a damn good percentage to show as having no insurance. Damn good.

      I don’t give a hoot who, or which party, sets up programs that benefit the majority of the citizens in our country… just so it gets done! I have no respect, zero, nada, zilch, for someone like Romney who opposes a beneficial program, proven to work, simply because it is either not his or from his party. This is the downfall of our country and will eventually destroy us if it doesn’t stop.

  2. Fear Rocks!
    Romney makes me ill…. there is really no difference between him and Santorum. Well, except for the whole pseudo-Yuppie sweater thing of course.

    I trust no politician; but far too many need to be institutionalized instead of being given a mic.
    Weird how the serious borderline fascist candidates (who should really CHECK the dictionary definition of fascism) are usually right-wingers.
    Coincidence? Certainly not!

    ~Some Independent Who Can’t Be Pigeon-Holed in Reno

    • They make me ill, too. The right-wingers are just not right in the head – but I saw a video about this and been wanting to post about it. I may do so tonight. It kind of opened up my eyes a bit. Well, not really, but I went to a different level of acceptance and understanding.

      And with the left-wingers, I just don’t trust them because I think a lot are saying what we want to hear, but if they had a chance, they’d stab us in the back in a heart beat.

      Oh, I believe we are turning into a fascist country, if not already. Especially if we put a Republican in the white house. I posted about fascism months ago, and again, been wanting to post again. Found more interesting stuff. But here is my post from last May:

      • Great post. Am with you as well… we are almost at a fascist state already. Example 1: The bank scandals of the 90’s and 2000’s…. no one went to anything but a country club jail. If indicted at all. Hmm who do you think was responsible for that? Surely not the government in power at the time. Oh wait… it was the ‘pubs,
        Also as already stated: Read a dictionary you right wing morans….

        As stated before: am a voter without a country, Don’t trust the Dems anymore than I trust the Repubs. Just my honor, personal beliefs, and the wish to do right for everyone. Yeah I’m a fucking nut. Stupid constitution D’oh.

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