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Paul Ryan Calls Rape a “Method of Conception”

In his exact words, Paul Ryan who is running as Vice President with Mitt Romney, stated that rape is a “method of conception” in an interview in August. So what happened to the main stream media coverage? They’ve been eating this anti-women stuff up!  Huffington Post picked up the story a week after the interview, then dropped it. There are a few other sites which have a posting about it, such as Raw Story, Gawker, Examiner, and a few others. I happened to have found it on Facebook having been posted by a women’s rights page called, “One Million Vaginas.”

In the interview, the question that was asked to Paul Ryan:

“Specifically you’re pro-life. Specifically where do you stand when it comes to rape? When it comes to the issue of ‘should it be legal for a woman to get an abortion if’…[cut off by Ryan]”

To which Ryan responded with:

“I’m very proud of my pro-life record and I’ve always adopted the idea and position that a method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.”

“…a method of conception.” As if it belongs classified next to making love, in vitro fertilization and all the types of in vitro such as SUZI (Sub-zonal insemination) which is typically used for males with low sperm count. There is no way that a pregnancy resulting from rape should be viewed or categorized as a “method of conception.”

Rape is an act of violence.


Paul Ryan: Rape Is Just Another ‘Method Of Conception’


I shudder to think what would happen to women’s rights if Romney and Ryan were to become President and Vice President. How any woman can vote for these two is beyond me. It is insane to vote for two people that will make life more difficult for you. Especially after all the ridiculous as well as hateful things that Romney has said lately. In all seriousness, how can ANYONE vote a man into the top office of our country who cannot understand why windows don’t roll down in planes? I’m serious – this is not a joking matter now. If he cannot comprehend something that most 5th-graders know, he should not run this country. Lately I think Romney looks like he also has a touch of dementia kicking in. Sorry… little of the topic of this post. Now back to Ryan and his methods of conception….

Now… Paul Ryan, I have something to say to you…

Rape is an act of violence, not a method of conception. Please stop trying to redefine this horrific act just to serve your personal beliefs and opinions you selfish, self-righteous bastard. Please, go away. Do not knock on the White House door ever again.

Good-bye, Ryan.


  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Any woman who votes for the Lyin Ryan/UnFitt Mitt ticket is a fool. A vote for Lyin Ryan/UnFitt Mitt is a vote against women’s rights. Thank you Motley News and Photography.

  2. Not only is he a cruel hearted liar, he doesn’t even know basic history. Recently when speaking in Miami,he told an audience how tough he and Romney would be on Cuba and Fidel Castro, which shows he doesn’t realize Fidel Castro retired in 2008 and turned power over to his brother Raul.

  3. Unfortunately it’s true. I was watching it on the news and couldn’t believe my ears. How could he NOT know that? Cuba hasn’t been a threat in decades. Just shows how out of touch he is.

  4. Romney was asked on 60 minutes what he prays for when praying.Romney
    answered:”I pray for wisdom and understanding”.Well,Romney must be worried about gods existence,because his prayers are not answered

  5. While Ryan’s view of rape as “another method of conception” is deeply disturbing and truly appalling, I also see it as just one more sign that the GOP has finally gone WAY too far and let itself get highjacked by the very worst of the most virulent right wing extremists. And as a result, Republicans are going to lose all credibility with a vast majority of the American people.

    Romney has finally gone completely off the dial, and he’s now surpassed even his own worst standards for being wildly inconsistent, incoherent, stupid, and laughably ridiculous. The polls are beginning to show that he has all but lost any chance of winning this race, and it would take something unforeseen and really drastic to change that.

    • Obama has taken extra care during his presidency, and prior to, in making sure that there is no dirt to dig up. At least dirt that could lose him the election. Example, Obama had a blind trust when he first came into office. Then decided it could cause too many issues, even though he was using it legitimately – unlike Romney. So he closed it out and put him money in CDs or something like that. Something that has a MUCH less payback than if he’d left it alone.

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