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MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell shares powerful words about Trump’s lies — bringing back soldier’s remains from N Korea

I love what Lawrence O’Donnell said in this video. I, too, wondered the same thing when Trump said there were thousands of people/parents who wanted their sons’ remains shipped back home. Ummm… the Korean War was 65 years ago. You do the math. I seriously doubt that any parent of a fallen soldier in Korea is still alive. Definitely not thousands of them.

I deeply apologize about the quality if this video. I had to do a screen capture of the video. WordPress will not embed videos from MSNBC, and MSNBC has not uploaded this specific broadcast to Youtube yet (when it does I will swap it out). The audio is not very good — you can hear it, it’s just a bit “fuzzy”. But don’t worry, you’ll get the message that O’Donnell is sharing just fine.

Of course, if Trump saw this segment being aired, he would probably state that it is “fake news” and not true. But there is one thing for sure that is a fact and that is time. We cannot adjust the dates of the Korean War in order to better serve Trump’s lies.

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  1. Yeah, Stephen Colbert did the math last night too. If Trump weren’t president, I might pity his dementia, delusions, and separation from reality. As it is, I just hope we can salvage something from the ruins after he leaves office.

  2. We’ve become aware of Trump’s propensity not only to lie but to give in to extreme exaggeration. People should’ve been clued in when he said thousands upon thousands of parents of Korean war dead asked him about bringing their bodies home. When did that many people get the access to him to make the request? How could that many parents still be alive? Same for the dead of the World Trade Center. He couldn’t name one friend who had died on 9/11. Personally, I don’t think he has a true friend and probably never did.

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