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trump boo’d (again) at Martial Arts tournament in Madison Square Garden

trump attends yet another sporting event and is boo’d upon his entrance. His son, Don Jr, however, is trying to claim that is fake news — as if we cannot hear the boo-ing for ourselves. trump attended a martial arts tournament in New York City, in which, by the way, he no longer claims residence. Here are a few different videos where you can clearly hear the boos.


  1. Yes, it’s a classic example of the uncivil, rude Left not having any actual standards. That’s why Americans don’t trust them. Remember that only Republicans are expected to behave like adults.

    (If there were any actual standards, they’d be outraged at Joe Biden who openly bragged of using his leverage as VP, threatening to withhold the US tax dollars he was delivering to Ukraine, unless they fired a prosecutor investigating corruption. A ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement, mafia-style, cannot be any more obvious than that.)

    Civility is the order of the day when a democrat is the target. That was true then, and it remains true today. Civility is demanded of republicans and incivility is defended on the democrat side as speaking the truth or freedom of speech.

    I.e. a republican was censured for calling Obama a liar. Today, elected democrats call Trump a lying homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, rapist racist with relish and impunity.

    They degrade the political discourse by acting like rude children instead of trying to understand the issues, such as Trump yanking the rug out from under those who have been filling their pockets from the nation’s coffers.

    It is amazing to watch a segment of the population outraged that the filthy rich elites who have been running up our nation’s debt to fill their families’ pockets are finally being exposed and thwarted. One would expect cheering from both sides of the aisle on that, not just one.

    • Before trump came along, I was opposed to very harsh public criticism of any president. After all, that’s our president! That includes Bush and all other republicans before him. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but I never liked being mean – or bullying. However, my views have changed with trump. He lives in a world he has created for himself nearly oblivious to reality. trump spends his time degrading others who hold a different opinion or value than he does. In trump’s case, I’m all for the public – and government – letting him know he is not liked nor appreciated. If he can’t take it, then he shouldn’t be dishing it out.

      • I too am fascinated by the escalation of viciousness against Trump. With GW Bush, it was marches on the streets with signs portraying him as Hitler, profanity-laced rants from prominent politicians, outright lies in mainstream media to smear him (false claims that Bush ‘started’ the Iraq war, false claims of ‘no WMD’ found in Iraq, etc). But Bush buckled, couldn’t take the abuse and let the Left walk all over him.

        Now, Trump obviously can throw it right back in their faces. That infuriates those who wish to frame him and control the narrative. They’ve gone so far as to signal their base to assassinate him. They call it ‘comedy’ to hold up an imitation severed head of Trump dripping blood, as ISIS does to inspire their followers.

        They tried to frame him for ‘colluding’ with foreign powers to win the election (proven false by their own investigation) even as THEY import tens of millions of foreigners, in violation of US law, to help them seize political power in the US and overthrow the American System.

        Does Trump have reason to be snarky right back at them when they continually throw false attacks at him? Obviously.

        Is it reasonable to ridicule those who turn a blind eye to Biden bragging about threatening to withhold that loan money to Ukraine unless they called off a corruption investigation that would affect Biden’s son? Sure.

        Is it reasonable to taunt those who attack the President for doing his Constitutional duty as the nation’s top law enforcement officer AND the one man tasked with foreign negotiations? Yep.

        If you believe Trump is ‘oblivious to reality’, I’d be interested in seeing what you mean. You clearly are not seeing the information sources that I am. I believe it is a sign of mature discourse to compare notes to seek a realistic understanding.

        And, it is quite reasonable to expect those of criminal inclination to ‘dislike’ him for exposing the crime rings that have been looting the USA for so long. Decade after decade, Americans complain about it. Now that it’s being dealt with, the criminal element are losing their minds. (No big secret, Nancy Pelosi’ family ARE mafia. Look it up.)

        Let me suggest a good starting point for good intel:

        Scrolling down a ways, one even finds an excellent writeup on why Kamala Harris (like Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, Marco Rubio) could not legally serve as President. It’s worth a read.

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