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The best of Bernie Sanders memes from Biden’s Inauguration

If you have not seen any of the memes of Bernie Sanders at Biden’s inauguration, you’re in for a treat. It was cold yesterday in DC and Bernie came in wearing a warm, down coat and mittens someone made for him. He stood out from the others because of that coat. And sitting there with his legs and arms crossed is body language for “leave me alone!” Although I think it was more due to him trying to keep warm. (image right)

Anyway, here are some of the best memes – enjoy them again.

Now, these are meant in good humor. I’m sure Bernie himself is getting quite a good laugh at some of them.

Bernie Meets Forest Gump (link)


Bernie playing chess in a tournament. link


Bernie stars in The Big Lebowski (link)


Bernie has a cameo appearance in Beetlejuice. (link)


Bernie in Captain’s chair in Star Trek’s ship, the USS Enterprise (link)


Bernie as a member of the Fellowship of the Ring council (link)


Bernie and some dancer (what movie/show is this from? Anyone?) (link)


Bernie Sanders at the counter in the diner in Hopper’s painting, "The Nighthawks" (link)


Bernie in the Beatles "St Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band" photo (link)


Bernie on the subway (video) (link)

Bernie helping to build a skyscraper in 1932 (link)


(One of my favorites) Bernie in Game of the Thrones as Bran Stark (link)


Bernie hanging out with Deadpool before the killing begins (link) (okay, I lied… I like this one more then Game of Thrones)


Bernie behind the Resolute Desk in the White House (link) (Doesn’t the carpet look fake? Talk about messing with my perspective).


Bernie in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (link)


Bernie Sanders in The Breakfast Club (link)


Bernie checking out the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (link)


There are hundreds, if not thousands, more. This is just a small sample. Want to see more? Just google Bernie Biden Inauguration meme.


And America was reborn yesterday, January 20, 2021.



  1. Four or five of these were on the evening news tonight, but I hadn’t seen the rest. Bernie’s such a character. Gotta love him, whether you agree with his politics or not.

  2. I have a tie for my favorite, Bernie on the high rise beam and at the counter in Nighthawks. I’m watching an interview with him by Seth Meyers. The mittens were knit ( knitted?) for him by a teacher in Vermont and now she’s getting inundated with requests for them.

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