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Photos of floods in Pakistan

One year ago, Pakistan suffered the worst flooding in its history, a slow-moving disaster that left some 2,000 dead and another 11 million homeless. Nearly one million are still without […]

Photos of Texas fires

Thursday, Sept. 1st, 2011 Scores of homes have been destroyed in wildfires that have devastated large parts of Texas and Oklahoma. The Texas Forest Service said it had been the […]

Amazing photos of Arizona’s Wallow Fire

These images of Wallow Fire came from a local Albuquerque news station’s website. They were uploaded by a viewer, and here is the description provided by the uploader: The Wallow […]

Joplin MO: Before and after pictures

Dramatic before and after pictures of Joplin MO from the EF-5 tornado that laid a 6-mile long path of devastation. Source: Google and MJ Harden, a GeoEye company Source: Google/Aaron […]